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I just got an apple pro keyboard M7803 and pro mouse M5769 for my B&W 400mhz. When I'm running 9.1, I notice the eject key on the keyboard doesn't eject the DVD tray (Pioneer 110D Superdrive). But when I'm running OSX the eject key works just fine. Any ideas?

B&W G3 400mHz   Mac OS 9.1.x  
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    Hi, conspiracy -

    Welcome to Apple's Discussions.

    The more recent versions of that keyboard state in the description in the Apple Store that they need OSX.

    However, some of the older ones will work fine in OS 9 provided that the extension HID Library is enabled in Extensions Manager.

    There are some additional ways to work around that issue using items provided in the Eject Extras folder on some OS 9.1 and later Install CD. If you can't locate that, you can get that here - Eject Extras
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    Hi Don-

    thanks for your help and reply. I tried the Eject Extras but the application and CS module both did not work. strange thing is that the eject media key DOES work but only when ejecting the tray with a CD or DVD already in the tray. If I just want to open/close the tray with no media in it, the eject media key does not work. And in iTunes, the tray ejects and closes when the eject button within the program is used. I guess it's just picky when it wants to work or not.

    B&W G3 400mHz   Mac OS 9.1.x  
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    Hi, conspiracy -

    There's a couple of other items that may help with that -

    I used Eject Menu for a while - it's handy. It not only provides a menu in the main menubar, it also allows the assignment of unique keyboard commands for all removable-media drives, including the Zip drive.


    Haven't seen the connection posted before, but you may be experiencing a side effect of a soft conflict between the Apple CD/DVD Driver and the Iomega Driver extensions.

    I disabled the Iomega stuff in Extensions Manager and started using the Iomega Guest utility a few years ago. It works perfectly - even if I forget to activate it before inserting a zip disk.