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my phone will start to send pictures and stop half way threw same as text messages everything is slow on my phone i have wifi excellent service even when i am talking to someone i have them on speaker and when i get ready to hangup i half to shake my phone for the screen to come up to end call also half the time no one gets mt text even it says it has went threw

iPhone 3GS, Windows 7
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    Dunno if this will help...but I fixed the problem for me.  I found that after a while the pic messages were showing up as not delivered with a big red exclamation point to the side.


    So, here's what I did!


    I tried taking a picture with the camera icon next the iMessage text entry box for a text message and sent it, went through fine.  Next, I tried sending a pic from the camera roll...finally I got my camera roll back to function.  Vwaaaalaaa!  Bug fixed.  I can now send picute messages again from both locations.


    Also, to speed up the functionality of the iPhone, I set to OFF my iPhone 3Gs's Settings>General>Network> Cellular Data button while I was on the wifi connection and turned it back on when I was out and about(the speeds vary when on the cellular data plan anyway).


    Well, I hope this helps some.

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    After the update, I was unable to send or recieve photos via regular text message for my iPhone 3GS. This solved that problem! Thanks!

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    Nope did'nt work on mine, I still get the big red exclamation & not delivered message... Anyone know how to fix this please???