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OS X Lion, latest updates and latest version of iTunes.


I have multiple iOS devices, so when Apple released iOS5 with wifi syncing, it's a Godsend. However, it doesn't always work. There are times when iTunes just suddenly unable to find the devices. Even if I forced wifi sync from the device, iTunes just doesn't detect it. I have to literally plug the device back to my Mac using USB for iTunes to re-recognize the device. This defeats the whole point of wifi syncing and highly annoying. Funny thing is, this problem seems to be occuring more often on my A4 devices (iPad 1, iPhone 4). My iPad 2 seems to be more reliable. Even if I have to restart iTunes, it will quickly recognize my iPad 2 on the network.


Anybody has the same issue? Is it related to the A5 chipset?

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    Yes I have had the same issue. I am using windows 7 with my iOS devices. I believe the issue is with iTunes and Wifi Sync.

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    Yes, I'm suffering the same fate between my iphone4 and ipad1.  Most times, it works but sometimes, when iTunes fail to find my ipad or iphone, it stops and the ipad or iphone sign disappears.  It only works again when I plug in the usb cable.  Then when I unplug it, it disappears again.


    Anyone with a solution or able to give an understanding?

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    I had the same problem.

    It's was a router problem (Linksys E2000). I only had to allow the Bonjour service through it (Port forwarding)

    For OS X the port for Bonjour is 5353 (UDP). It is the port for Home Sharing and all. (Source : http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1629)


    Hope it helps you!

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    No, it's not the ports. My iPad2 doesn't seem to have the issue. The issue seems to plaque my A4-based devices, like my iPad 1 and the iPhone 4.

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    iTunes can see the devices right after you set up WiFi sync (I've tried this about 4 or 5 times and always is fine for a while), but the next day iTunes can not see the devices - It just doesn't work - On one of my iMacs, I just went back to USB only (which is a pain, since the USB (iMac Bus does't like to have both and iPhone and an iPad plugged in simultaneously). 

    You can restart iTunes, restart the iMac, restart Airport, restart the iPad, restart the iPhone = nothing (once iTunes fails to find the device, forget about it, you have to start all over again the the USB routine.  Frustrating.

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    I stated previously that restarting Airport from the iMac didn't help the WiFi sync and iTunes recognition of the iPhone and iPad2 - I tried it once again and the iMac did link up with the devices and it has worked for several days.  I did notice that there was a message in settings in both devices that they were waiting for the iMac to be connected to the WiFi (Airport in this case) -  I discounted this previously because the iMac was connected and talking to the Internet with no problems.

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    hey, it just worked for me, i cancelled the sync on my iphone, quit itunes, restarted itunes, then went to tthe itunes wifi-sync option on my iphone 4, then taped sync now, it kept looking for my macbook pro for quite a while, but it finally worked, maybe the A4 chip simply takes a little extra time ( like 60-70 seconds) to find and then start syncing,

    hope it helps !!