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I am considering buying an iPod Touch, does it require the purchase of a data plan from AT&T?

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    It does not require a data plan. Internet access is by way of a WiFi network.



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    Thank you.  So basically an iPod Touch does everything an iPhone does except for make phone calls?  I am just trying to avoid a data plan for my 14 year old's phone as AT&T no longer offers the unlimited ones like I currently have.  Thank you for you very quick reply to me.

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    You're quite welcome. There are some other differences between iPhone and iPod Touch. iPod has no GPS, compass. However, the iPod is quite functional for email, surfing, music, video play, game play, etc.



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    Thank you.  This helps a great deal.  Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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    MaryGuayK wrote:


    So basically an iPod Touch does everything an iPhone does except for make phone calls?

    Not exactly,  an iPhone will work and connect to the internet anywhere (within cellular range).   An iPod will connect to the internet (and to iCloud) only when connected to Wi-Fi, either through your home wi-fi router or a public wi-fi source.  You cannot  send or receive emails, connect to the internet, look at maps, download music, etc. except when your are someplace where you can connect.

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    For a comprehensive list of the differences between the iPhone and the iPod touch (it's about more than just the phone), click this link :


    http://ipod.about.com/od/decidingwhichipodtobuy/tp/Top-7-Differences-Between-The -Iphone-4-And-Ipod-Touch.htm


    Then, among the links that appear way below on the page, click "Comparing iPhone & iPod touch Camera".  You'll see how the iPhone's camera is better (though I have an iPod touch, perfect for someone not interested in a cellphone).


    Next, the following link explains how the iPhone and the iPod touch operate location services (to locate you in the Maps app, where you took pictures using the Camera app, and for other location-dependent apps) :




    And finally, although I haven't yet read this page (I got my iPod touch 4th gen less than 2 months ago), there are apparently 6 ways one can send text messages with an iPod touch using free apps, thus without spending a cent (remember there's no monthly-fee plan on an iPod touch) :


    http://ipod.about.com/od/iphoneappsreviews/tp/4-Ways-To-Text-With-The-Ipod-Touch .htm


    This will most likely answer all your questions about the differences between the iPhone and the iPod touch, as the latter is too often mistakenly referred to as simply "an iPhone without the phone", though that is still quite true given all the rest that the iPod touch is capable of ('Net navigation and all those cool apps).