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Okay, seems like Apple has had a serious breech in security... So I'm just going to put my story out here too.


This morining I noticed a couple of iTunes recipts in my email for $50 Gift Cards. It seems like that were not billed to my credit card, however I then tried to log in to my account to change my password, and I can't get in. My password didn't work, so I decided to try resetting it. The "forgot password" gives you the option of using either an email or security question to reset your password. I tried email first, and it didn't come to me, then I tried security question, which asked for my birthday. I entered it, and was told it was not the birthday associated with the account. So far, my purchased files seem to be working, but I have been using this account for about as long as iTunes has existed and purchased a lot of content in that time. With the new iCloud set up, the theif could potentially access all of my content, and even de-authorize my computer, so this is quite disturbing. The icing on the cake is that Apple seems to offer NO PHONE SUPPORT for iTunes account issues. I had to submit use an online form to contact them, haven't heard back yet.


I don't think I had any gift card money in my account, or if I did it wasn't much. They did have my CC #, but if this was a malicious attack, the theif must not have been able to use the card. At any rate I'll be looking out for anything fishy now.


If you have an iTunes account, be sure to check it now! Change your passwords, and make sure they are very strong.

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    Okay, it's been nearly 24 hours since I reported this and still no reply. Way to go Apple.

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    Finally heard back from Apple and they have reset my account. I still think it's way too difficult to find the contact information, but at least they did resolve the problem.

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    I have a similar story.  I have had an Itunes account for a number of years.  I recently purchased an Iphone.  The next day, I received an email asking me to verify my Apple ID.  I used my password and was able to get into the account.   However, the account information was not mine (address, telephone number, credit card information, etc.).  I called Apple Help Support.  They told me to change all of the information so it was mine and not the other person's.  Bad idea.  Now I cannot update any of my Apps as it does not recognize me.  I can purchase items but not update any of my old purchases.  Who knows what happened to my old account with my credit card attached. I have contacted Apple several times about this but they are unhelpful.     

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    I had the same problem yesterday, apple I'd stolen ans someone purchased a $50 gift card and changed all my acct info.  I called apple support and they helped me right away.....good support guys!

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    I had a bit of confusion while I tried to change my apple I'd on all my devices but they persevered and everything is now oak!