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Recently, on launch, Aperture reported that Photo Stream was not enabled (even though I had not changed settings since enabling). I (re)enabled it, but after doing so, only the most recent photos (for the past month or so) were recognized as being in the stream (even though aproximately an additional month's photos are still indicated as being in my stream on all my iOS devices — at least for the time being). More importantly (and clearly a SERIOUS BUG): all the missong photos that had already been downloaded to my Aperture library ("automatic import" is checked in preferences) were gone, not only from the library, but also deleted from all the albums (e.g. flickr, facebook) to which they had been published.


Is Photo Stream working? Automatic deletion of photos, including shared photos) seems like a big problem!

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    Yep, I and others have noticed it too.  There's another thread here on the issue.


    I am not talking about the Photstream shutting itself off issue (which IS happening for some people, but not me), but the situation wherein photos that have been automatically imported into "Oct. 2011 Photo Stream," "Nov 2011 Photo Stream," etc., disappear when their Photostream counterparts disappear.  This essentially negates the entire usefulness of Photo Stream.


    I have used one workaround, albeit a cumbersome one: rebuild your Aperture Library (hold down on command and option while double clicking on your Library to open Aperture).  Your lost photos should show up in a "Recovered Photos" folder.  I think this works because the masters that have been auto-imported from Photo Stream aren't really deleted from Aperture.


    I hope Apple recognizes the problem and fixes it.  There doesn't seem to be a big uproar about it, though. :-/

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    Yes, that's what "worked" for me: rebuilding the library (a very time consuming process) recovers the photos, which can then be restored to the download folders (and even readded to Photo Stream). Unfortunatley, it (naturally) does nothing about the published versions that were removed from flickr, facebook, and other sites.


    And, as you say, the bug that's causing the deletion of already imported images, even if it is rare, completly destroys the usefulness of Photo Stream. In fact, it makes it very risky to use, since a synchronization glitch with iCloud can result in the loss of already imported and even already uploaded photos!

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    Agree with what you write 100%.  It's a stretch to label my suggestion a "workaround" due to the fragility that still exists with respect to Photo Stream pics that have been published elsewhere.

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    Looks like this issue was fixed with a release today (version 3.2.2).  Crossing my fingers the Photo Stream bug is really fixed....

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    Let's hope that fixes it! (I didn't have near the 1,000 images they mention).

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    Not fixed after all; at least not the server bug that was the initial cause (or trigger) for the problem, as I expereinced it. Aperture again thinks it's not connected to Photo Stream (when I launch it, the Photo Stream settings are disabled) and when I endable them, the time consuming resync seems (things are no so confused it's hard to be sure) to remove some older files from the folders into whick they hav been imported. But the fault is clearly not entirely with Aperture: all of my iOS devices (not just Aperture) have (AGAIN) stopped syncing with Photo Stream. Photo Stream (with some assistance from Aperture) is destroying my photographic experience.