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I have performed the latest software upgrade, 5.0.1, on an iPhone 4 and none of the Apps were restored to the phone.  I cannot restore without losing data.  Any suggestions?

iPhone 4, Windows XP Pro
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    Did you perform the update on a computer other than the one you normally sync to?  Were/are the apps in iTunes on your computer?


    Apps are not part of the backup process performed prior to the update. Neither is media. After the update, data will be restored, then apps will be re-synced from iTunes, then media will be re-synced from iTunes. If you didn't wait for this process to finish, you will need to plug the phone back in and re-sync your apps.


    If you did the update on a computer other than the one you normally sync to, you need to take the phone back to the computer you normally sync to and restore it.

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    Go to the app store on your iphone - then to update - purchased - you should see two tabs that says all and not on this phone - it should have all the apps that you have purchased.   then hit the cloud and it will download.

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    Thanks to each of you for the input.  OK, let me rephrase.  The Apps were not re-synced.  They are resident in the iTunes library on the one and only PC that has ever been used by me with this iTunes and iPhone.  When manually trying to drag the individual Apps to the iPhone from the library, I only get the circle with the slash through it.  If I try to re-sync, I am informed with a pop up that I will lose all data associated with each App.  I used proper means to perform the update to include not disconnecting at any time and waiting for everything to complete.

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    I had the same problem after upgrading- my ipad2 had all of my photos and music, but no apps were synced.  I was able to restore the apps and some of the data/settings:  With the device plugged in and highlighted in itunes, under the apps heading, the "Sync Apps" box was unchecked.  I checked it, picked the appropriate apps from the list, and synced.  Almost all of the settings and saved data were there for my work related apps.  Some games retained the data, others were empty.  There may be a better way to do it, but that took care of 90% of my issues.

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    Yes, that is available but I stopped there as it stated I would lose data.  I did it anyway as there seems to be no other option.  I lost all data associated with Apps - GPS address info, all game progress - my daughter is quite upset as we had Restaurant with over $1,000,000 earned and invested, equalizer settings, etc.  Also lost were all photos.  Not sure what else.  This is not the first time I have had similar Apple issues, that's why I gave up my iPods over a year ago.  My new job dictates we use iPhones so here I am once again, stuck with Apple.

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    could not find these tabs.  Is this in 3GS?  thanks.