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iTunes had been working perfectly until I installed the latest version ( I also installed at roughly the same time, an update to my CD/DVD burning software (Freemake Video Converter I don't recall the order that these were installed, but I think iTunes was updated prior to Freemake.


I started getting the following error:


"The registry settings used by the iTunes drivers for importing and burning CDs and DVDs are missing. This can happen as a result of installing other CD burning software. Please reinstall iTunes."


Since I have AppleCare, I called Apple, and they sent me a knowledge base article on removing iTunes (components removed in a specific order, etc.) I did this, but the problem was not resolved. BTW, iTunes continues to sync the iPhone (a 3GS) and there seem to be no other problems. I have not tried to import or burn a CD or DVD, but I believe the error message that it won't work.


I then removed Freemake and iTunes and searched for any other CD/DVD burning software but only found those applications that are part of the Windows 7 Home Premium OS. I do have Freemake Video Downloader installed, and I removed that, too. To remove the other software, I used Revo Uninstaller which is supposed to remove all traces of an application, but I used Windows Uninstaller to uninstall the Apple applications and followed the Apple instructions to remove all vestiges of the Apple software.


I reinstalled only iTunes, and got the same error message. I called AppleCare again, and their solution was that since it was a registry error in Windows, they could not deal with it and I would have to contact Microsoft. Thanks very much, Apple! I contacted Microsoft and, of course, their response was that it's not their error, it's an error from an Apple program and they wouldn't know the correct registry entries and they would/could not deal with another manufacturers problem. I tried to contact Freemake, but their only solution is their FAQs.


Can anyone help me with this issue. I am in a Catch-22 between Apple and Microsoft.


Thanks in advance for any insight or solutions.



hp Pavilion d4990y, Windows 7