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I've been an iPhone user for a couple years now.  I have the iPhone 4... iOS is up to date, iTunes is up to date.  I used to keep/sync my iTunes library on a PC, but I recently purchased a Mac Pro, and I wanted to transfer everything over.  All of the media is now on the Mac.  When I tried to import my library, however, it didn't keep any of the "Rating" or "Checkbox" information.  No problem, I went through and re-rated everything, checked all that I wanted to be on the phone and un-checked everything I didn't want on the phone.  So my library is back to where it was before I changed computers...


But there's a new problem now... All of my playlists came over when I imported my library.  On the computer, when I look at each one, it shows the appropriate songs I have added, either recently or over time.  However, when I sync my phone, only a fraction of the songs, if any at all, actually appear on the playlist on my phone.  Even if I look at the playlist in the "Devices" section where my iPhone is listed, every song appears as it should be.  But on the phone itself, nothing.  Some playlists have a few of the songs, but most playlists just show nothing at all.  The kicker is that all the music is actually on the phone... I can access it through the "Songs" tab in the Music App on the device, but through the playlists, no luck.


I've scoured the discussions for a fix to this issue.  Perhaps I'm looking in the wrong place, or I'm entering bad search terms, but I can't find anything.  These are not Smart Playlists.  They're just regular, Dumb Playlists.  I've tried checking and un-checking various settings and applying them to my sync.  My next step would be to restore the phone, but given the nature of the issues, I doubt that will work.


Does anyone have any clue why this is happening and/or how to fix it?  I thought that transferring my library to a Mac computer would make this process easier and more efficient, but ever since I made the transfer, I've have nothing but problems.

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    I am having the exact same problem with playlists on my iphone. iTunes shows the correct songs. But my iPhone has empty playlists or only a few songs.   I have the iphone 4s and a 2010 iMac that I recently upgraded to Lion. Perhaps Lion is the problem? 

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    I finally spent 2 hours on the phone with apple tech support.  We eventually had to restore the phone and resync. For some reason, the library was duplicating on my phone and itunes was indicating there wasn't enough space to add songs, yet there should have been plenty. Check on your iphone in Settings, General, About and see how many songs are in your phone.  If this number is much higher than what iTunes shows your phone to have, then you have the same problem I did.


    The restore process takes a while - depending on how many songs you are syncing and it wipes out all texts, apps, etc.  which for me wasn't a big deal since my phone is so new.


    I also notices this was not a problem with my ipod or other devices in my house - it was unique to my new iphone.  Good luck!

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    Had the same problem, on the computer my playlists had all the songs whereas on my phone though the names of the playlists were there they were all empty.

    but i manage to fix it by doing the following


    1) Uncheck the sync music option. Sync Phone

    2) Check the sync music option. Sync Phone


    Pretty simple hope it works for you!

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    Thank you for responding, Riehln! You are lucky it was a simple fix!


    I tried that several times and it did not work for me.  Restoring the iphone and ipod seemed to have been my only option.

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    Thank you so much! I saw that many people have this problem but this was the only solution that worked.

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    I notice this issue was isolated to Smart Playlist.  When I copied the smart playlist to a normal playlist it sync up with no issue.  I can't get Smart Playlist to sync. 


    Apple Support Friends...resetting my iphone and loosing text messages and other things is not a option for me.

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    Nice one. Has this been reported a bug by itunes? I haven't encountered this before. /___sbsstatic___/migration-images/186/18691719-1.gif

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    I'm having the same issue with a 1st generation iPod Touch (iOS 3.1.3). From spending days searching, and investigating on my own I believe the issue is caused with Smart Playlists that have numerous criteria. Of course, the whole point of a Smart Playlist is to have numerous criterion, but apparently, this seems to be the issue for me. The Smart Playlists that do transfer over (and are not empty) are the ones without multiple criteria.


    You stated that they are "regular" Playlists and not Smart Playlists. You stated that you've tried checking and un-checking various settings and applying them to your sync. I'm not sure what "settings" you are referring to. regular Playlists have no "settings", Smart Playlists do. If the icon of the Playlist looks like a gear, it is a Smart Playlist. If the icon is four little lines with an eighth note, those are the regular Playlists.


    Also, something to look into, is if there are any DRM protected songs that may have been purchased under a different Apple ID, or that may no longer be available in the iTunes Store. If either is the case, this could also be causing issues.


    The only solution I have is to create a regular Playlist, and drag the songs from the Smart Playlist to it, then sync to the iPod Touch.


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