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I use a variety of fonts in Pages and I would like to know how to move fonts (really the names of fonts, like Baskerville, Helvetica, etc.) into that little box that appears when you click on Fonts .... I have about 6 in that box or window now but I can't figure out how I got them there long ago. Also, once they are in the box ... how do I delete one or more, selectively. Many thanks for answering this simple question.

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    They move there when you use them. The last six will be displayed.

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    Thanks Fruhulda. But I had a little problem. The difficulty is moving a font style from the Font Book to Pages. I found the Font Book in my Mac applications ... I opened it and found one or two fonts that I would like to move to the Font window in Pages.

    I tried highlighting one font I wanted in the Font Book and then typing in a Pages document but nothing happened.

    Also, right now in Pages one font in the Pages Font window is set to the default setting, I think. How do I change that default setting. Is it possible?

    Many thanks from me in California to you in Sweden. I wish I could have some Swedish smoked salmon and that delicious herring and some schnapps now. I was so impressed with so many types of herring sauces, like Mac fonts. So many from which to choose. Don

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    Mr Seek Help - you are going about this in a awkward way. The Font Book is for all the fonts and Pages will show all fonts that you have in the Font book. The Font Book is for handling the font on the computer, validate them, arrange them etc.

    You can't select a font in the Font book and then use it in Pages. You have to select it in Pages font list OR open the Font palette ( Format > Fonts > Show Fonts)

    bilden 2011-12-06 kl. 16.53.31.png

    You'll get this window

    bilden 2011-12-06 kl. 16.54.21.png

    If you do not see the font example click on the little dot you see under the Std in my mage.


    By the way which font do you have int the Font Book but not in Pages?? You are saying style, do you mean bold, italic etc?

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    Another question, which Pages do you have? Pages 08 or 09?

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    I think I have O9. It came with the Mac OS X Snw Leopard update package, with Ilife and Iwork. In Pages, I went to Format>Font>Show Fonts ... and then the Font window appeared containing 6 fonts that I often use (I can't remember how I put them there, last year). I want to add a few more fonts to these 6 from the long list. That's my problem. And I would like to know if I can make one font (which I use most of the time) be the default fault. Right now there is a font that is set to default and I want to delete it from the list of 6 fonts that are now in the Font Window. I could of course find the fonts I like in the long list and highlight one and then it does indeed appear in my Pages document but that is cumbersome and I would prefer to see and select my favorite fonts in the Pages Font Window.... how does one therefore move a font to the Pages Font Window. I am not concerned with italics or underlining, etc. but with moving a few fonts to the Pages Font Window. I have tried everything.

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    Mr SeekHelp. I tried to tell you that you can only have the last six font you have used there in that box. You can't add more. They will change when you use other fonts. You have to look in the long list if you want to use another one then the last six fonts you have used. That is the way Pages works. 

    You do not move anything from the Font palette window. You can select it and start writing. It is just another option to select a font.


    What you could do is creating in the Font Book a collection of your favourite fonts. Give the collection a name. In the Pages Font  palette you can choose to just see that collection of fonts. Choose the font you want to use for the moment and start writing.


    bilden 2011-12-06 kl. 17.54.02.png



    I am learning while i try to help you. you do not have to go to the Font Book to create the collection. You can do it right in the Font palette. I didn't know that until now as I haven't had any need for it.


    Click on the plus sign

    Give the collection a name

    Select All fonts and drag selected fonts to you new collection

    Click on the collection name to see that you have your chosen fonts in the collection.

    Select a font and start writing!