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Hello Apple,

why is not possible to connect iPAD to LAN cable RJ45???????

It's so difficult for MR.Apple, or there are other commercial reasons to draw more money??!!!!

I would like to point out that electromagnetic waves can be very dangerous in certain situations, or in many cases the wireless network can be intrusive for critical environments. So is necessary to use only cable connections.

It's  so difficult to produce RJ45/Ethernet interface for the iPAD ?????

All other tablet competitor have that interface on-board, naturally!!!!!


APPLE,  reply that as soon as possible, please!

iPad 2, iOS 5.0.1
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    ZC,  a couple of things...you need to contact Apple directly if you have suggestions or complaints.  A post such as you have made here will not come to their attention.  Second, I'm not clear why you state that wi-fi or bluetooth connections are a problem in a health care setting.  I work for a major,very  respected health care provider and we have looked carefully, in conjunction with our clinical engineering department, at both, and  to my knowledge  have never found anything indicating that there are any clinical issues such as you have described.   There are certainly some use cases I'm not familiar with, but that's why every IT project we have is evaluated by our clinical engineering department. Wi-Fi networks and wireless networking is commonly used in ICU's, ER's and OR's.