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Everytime I time to log into my iCloud on my iPad (within Safari) it delivers a screen asking me to setup iCloud again, it also invites me to download "find my iPhone" and "find my friends" apps which I already have on the iPad. My iCloud a/c is active for several weeks and I have purchased additional storage, I have no prob on my iMac or MB Pro, any ideas anyone? Obviously I am using -  www.icloud.com...

iPad 2, iOS 5.0.1, 3G 64GB
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    To log into iCloud on your iPad use Settings > iCloud.

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    That's a bit obvious! I am having a problem getting into iCloud on the iPad through the web, settings-iCloud is not an issue, I wanted to change/delete/remove some photos from my Photostream and it can only be done through the actual iCloud website..



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    I am having the exact same problem. I have set up iCloud (and use it on my iMac flawlessly), but I cannot log into my iCloud account on my new iPad3. I even deleted the entire iCloud account on the iPad3 and started again, to no avail. My Calendar, Mail, and Contacts are syncing properly, but I cannot get into my iCloud account from the iPad3.



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    Winston's note above, is correct for accessing your iCloud account on an ipad. You cannot open the iCloud web site on your ipad, only on your iMac. However, you can eliminate your photo stream pics directly on your ipad. Open the ipad photo app. The top menu bar includes the "photo stream" tab where you can see those photos. Tap a photo so that it enlarges.... then on the top right is the "trash" icon, which allows you to delete one photo at a time. BTW, the quickest way to eliminate a number of photos in your Photo Stream collection is to use your iPhoto application on your iMac, which will then remove them from your ipad, too.



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    I understand there is no point in using the web based icloud from an iphone or ipad as the same information should already by in your device BUT if no mac or pc is available HOW CAN "FIND MY IPHONE" BE USED FROM ANOTHER IPHONE OR IPAD YOU ALSO OWN"?

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    You can't log into your iCloud account using the browser on your iPad. All iCloud features are included in the latest iOS. eg.: Mail, Calander, Contacts, Find my iPad etc.

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    Download the FindMyiPhone app (at the app store).  Use that to track a lost device on another device.

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    I gave my Mac Book Pro to my son bekieving that iCloud would give me access to all of my photos and docs using the new iPad! If what you say is true.....I a sick with grief!  the people at Apple told me I could have continued access to everything I had onmy iCloud and that it would always be there ! My son has cleared the MB that I gave him....:(

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    How do I add or delete an email alias from my iPad if I can't use Safari to log into  iCloud.com?