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My 24" cinema display has been working perfectly fine until today. The magsafe power supply works and the USB 2.0 cable works as well (I have my wireless mouse plugged into the cinema display and it is operational. There is no monitor image, monitor audio, and my MBP (late 2009 model) cannot detect the display. I have restarted this MBP's PRAM and still no luck.


For what it's worth, I have also tried to connect this cinema display to my 2008 MBP via Altona's Dual Link to Mini DisplayPort Converter just to see if it was an issue with the 2009MBP. No image, audio, or MBP detection for that display/laptop combination either.



Mac OS X (10.6.8)
  • X423424X Level 6 Level 6

    Probably the power supply.  So I don't think any help can be offered. I'm guessing it would cost as much or as more to fix than to replace.  Same problem with most TVs these days.

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    Check if the Apple system profiler sees the USB ports and the iSight camera in the cinema display, if it recognizes them, it's not the power supply that is defective. Power supplies run from $75 to $167, depending on which flavor of 24" display you have.

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    I have the same issue. (display is dead, but USB and iSight are active and recognized by the system profiler).


    So... What is the most likely issue we have?

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    I was using this guide to troubleshoot. Started on page 17 and wound up at step 5 on page 24 where it was saying to replace LCD. Which makes sense because since the power supply is good, I would expect that System Preferences would recognize the diplay (LCD) if it were functioning properly. In most cases replacing the LCD cost the same as a brand new display! The cheapest I could find an LCD was $606. I'm deciding what to do, for a few hundred more I can get a brand new 27" with a warranty. Hopefully your case will lead to a less expensive solution.



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    Im going throught the same thing. I really, really dont want to have to buy a new one