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Dear readers,


I have a question. I am the proud owner of a MacBook Pro (13") from early 2011. Yet, I have had problems with chargers. The first charger stopped charging my MacBook after 2 months, and now, after about 6 months my replacement charger also stopped charging my MacBook (the first one was connected but didn't charge, the second one was connected, but the computer didn't recognize it was). Somehow, the new charger's don't seem to have a long lifespan. I like the white block chargers better than the rectangle-like aluminium shaped ones, since they fit better and seem to keep working longer. My sister, however, was the owner of an old white MacBook, presumably from 2006 (it was the first one with an intel processor) but that MacBook died. Well, to make a long story short, her charger works great on my MacBook but here's my question: Does it hurt my MacBook, and my battery in particular, to charge it with this old MacBook charger?


Thank you very much for your reply!


Pieter Kroon

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    Your MBP came with a 60W adapter, and the old MB charger can only put out 45W. So it will charge the MBP's battery when the machine is shut down or sleeping, and perhaps when the computer is being used for light work, though charging will be slower then than it would be with the right adapter. When the machine is working hard, the battery won't be charged. You won't do the computer any harm, but the adapter will probably get hotter than the original adapter did, so be sure to use it only where it has air circulating freely around it for cooling.

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    Well, thank you very much! I'll go to an Apple Store to get a new charger, again... if it still falls in guarantee... If not, then I'm fine with this charger, since it is working for fine for me at this moment