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    Dwight, with the greatest respect, if any manufacturer brought out an update for a device that used more processing power than the device was able to handle, that right there is the mistake.


    It's not a "dilemma".  A dilemma is choosing whether to serve a good cheddar over a soft unpasteurised cheese for a dinner party.  This is a major issue for consumers who bought that device in good faith and trusted apple to provide for them. 


    Macbooks do not make up 75% of Apple business.  That comes from the sale of cheese.

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    I too am continuing to have the same issue, which started occuring with the upgrade to 5.0, then appears to have gotten even worse with the update to 5.0.1.  I am running an original iPad with 3G that was ordered the first day they went on sale.  I had probably encountered less than 10-15 of these crashes under the previous software, and those appeared to be app-specific (one app only having issues).


    Since the software upgrade, the issues have become more and more prevalent.  It started with non-Apple apps first, but now has gotten worse with email, Safari, and iTunes apps having the issue.  I just had iTunes crash on me three times in a row while trying to download music.  (Apple - this is preventing you from receiving revenue now, in case you're listening...)


    I have tried to shut down apps and reboot, and will now also try to shut down iCloud as well when I try this again, just to see if it helps.  However, I am extremely frustrated, and I would have qualified myself as an Apple Evangelist prior to this issue. 


    Oh, and on another side note, docking in the Apple keyboard+dock is also creating issues under the new software.  I'm encountering quite a few double-letters showing after typing, and quite often have delays in the letters I type even appearing on the screen.  Watching this made typing this post a real pain. 

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    Dwight -


    Are you saying that the diagnostics log does not get reported to Apple UNTIL the device is "docked" to an iTunes account and is sync'd at that point in time - and is that fact?  I was under the impression that if the owner/user has their device set to automatically send Apple the error log files, that these are transmitted to Apple each time there is in fact a crash or error from the device - meaning, the device does not have to be docked or sync'd to send the log file(s).




    Also, for those experiencing the issue (just as I am), is there any way to restore the iPad back to it's pre-existing factory condition AND to it's factory installed OS?  I've completed the restore via iTunes like everyone has suggested, however, I don't see the OS reverting back to anything prior to 5.0.1....  What I see in iTunes when the device is docked (and also by manually looking on the actual device) is OS 5.0.1.  A restore back to "factory settings" (which I understood to be a complete WIPE & RESTART as if the device were taken out of the box new) does not seem to be using an OS prior to 5.0.1. 


    Can the OS not be reverted back to anything prior to 5.0.1??


    My iPad 2 is the WIFI/64g model, purchased less than 3 weeks ago.  When I initially took it out of the box and hooked it up to iTunes, at that time, iTunes had wanted to do the 5.0.1 update to this new out of the box device.  At the time, I did not know of all of the OS "issues" plaguing the iPads after the update - so, of course at that specific time, I did the update (as many others had also done as well).  After this update, I, like MANY others across the globe have experienced all of the same types of crashes while using Safari.


    I've read that an iPad owner can do multiple "fix its" to correct the problem, however, based on my own experience AND reading the responses of others who also performed these so called "fix its", there's still no resolution, as the problems seem to persist after performing fix it A, B C or D.


    Since it's clear that the problem is linked directly to the OS 5.0.1 update - how can an iPad owner/user go back to the previously installed OS on their iPad device?  It seems that even after a complete wipe & restore, that iTunes is still automatically reinstalling OS 5.0.1 back onto the device, even with what is supposed to be a "factory restore" - of which one would think would NOT incorporate the 5.0.1 OS, but the OS as installed from the factory.




    Can someone clarify - or offer up more techy information w/ regards to the "restore to factory settings"?


    I even wiped the iPad via the iPad itself (going into settings/general/reset/erase) - and even then, still it has not reverted back to any prior OS at all.  So, as stated above, restoring to factory from iTunes, or erasing directly from the iPad does not seem to rid it of OS 5.0.1....  unless of course, there's an explanation for this - or some other type of "restore" directions that are different from what is posted on Apple's site.




    Thanks for any further info....

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    Cobrajet, ol' buddy,


    I understand your frustration. Been there, done all that, too.


    I don't see anything wrong within your discussion. You appear most reasonable to me in your approach to problem resolutions. Obviously, you have been able to Learn much by trying to fix 5.0.1 all by yourself. That much work will have future value for you, no doubt, so that's good - I tthink.


    Possibly, you're working too hard. 5.0.1 has it's issues tthat need fixing but then so does 5.0. Reverting to an older os is sort of like retooling a 16 inch gun mount on the u.s. Missouri, so let's not go there by ourselves.


    Actually, you may be working too hard right now. Apple has been working on solutions for sometime now, even long before 5.0.1 came out. Reportedly, Apple has a major upgrage to 5.1 in beta 3 already in the hands of developers for some pro checking or proofing. If you will.


    So, Know that you have done enough on your own. Now hou might consider just relaxing some and let Apple finish doing their thing for you and the rest of us. Rest assured, 5.1 is enroute.


    I don't believe I've ever seen any Apple software like 5.0.1 before but we had a few episodes back in the 1980's that made me feel ill at ease, too. Funny thing is, I've become somewhat spoiled, maybe expecting perfection all the time.


    The promise of a major upgrade soon might allow you to pause some, to get by as best you can with what you have for a time longer to allow all those vacationing Apple people to get their acts back together.


    The future is bright - and demanding. Very demanding, competitively so.


    I suspect we all have better things to do than fix old 16 inch gun mounts, especially when a trip to a shipyard is imminent.


    Please overlook my faults here. This is just about the best I have to offer. 

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    I do .....:(

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    What's the point? The end result is that our ipads are crashing regardless of why they made the decision. Ipad came out a lil over 2 years ago and it should stillbe usable for some time to come. I bought my ps3 for about the same price much before I bought my ipad and it works fine. IOS5 is clearly a screw up and they need to fix this issue. Apple should find us a fix unless they design their products to be reliable for 2 years

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    These things should last over 2 years. $500-$800 dollars everyone or two years? I don't think so. They need to separate the updates for Ipad 1 and 2 if they are going to cause problems and handicap 1 because they only want to work on the latest. There is no reason that the Internet should become a problem when it worked just fine originally. I don't care if the newer one is faster, has a camera or whatever. The one I have has been doing exactly what I need it to. Until now. They need to stop handicapping these devices because they want us to give them $500-$800 every year or two. Not including the apps and music.


    Something I never really considered was the fact that all of the money I spent on apps and music will be useless if I decide to give up on Apple. I am not talking so much about the games. I can let them go. They do this on purpose. It is part of their game plan. They have total control over our devices through updates. Think about it. They can force you to buy their new one time and time again.

    If I had a more Pc oriented device the apps could last MANY years and be transferable to different devices. I need to start rethinking where I want to be. Viruses are looking a little more tolerable to me now rather than big brother Apple holding their puppet strings over my head.


    AND PUT REPLACEABLE BATTERIES in your devices! There is only ONE reason they don't and it ain't for YOUR benefit.

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    I am one of the people who posted on this problem early in this thread. I understand everyone's frustration, as I am an iPad 1 owner and continue to suffer from Safari quitting on me. But let's take a deep breath here. I also use a 3GS phone, which has been included in every iOS update so far and continues to run fine.

    I also have a four-year-old iMac that is running Snow Leopard and which would run Lion fine if I saw a need to upgrade to it.

    I think Apple has done a good job selling new devices by offering better, faster gadgets with more features while adding software updates that keep older devices up to date. This latest update has a problem, but it also added so many cool features to our older Pads. (I was particularly jealous that the second-to-latest update gave only the new iPad the four-finger gesture to return to the home screen, but then we got that, too.) Lion is the first OSX version that hasn't supported the non-Intel processor the company switched to -- I don't know how many years ago.

    I feel confident Apple is working on an iOS update that will address our problem, and the battery-life problem of the iPhones it seems to have been rushed into issuing to address.

    No one needs to buy the latest version of the iPhone or the iPad or the iPod or the iMac. They might want to, and Apple gives its customers a lot of reasons to want to, but they don't need to.

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    Thanks for the reply but I have an IPad2 that I got 6 mons ago ...

    I just dont think that something like this should happend to a new item

  • Dina18 Level 1 Level 1

    Hey guys just wanted to let you all know that I went to the apple store and I got a Great service and they exchange my IPad to a new one .

    I'm very pleased and happy worth the service :)

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    The sad part is I have email apple support on many occasions about this issue and all they do is refer me to the support community or ther trouble shooting pages. Even after I tell them that isn't fixing my problem. I've now had this iPad 1 for a year and great before the update and terrible after.

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    Folks -- On my iPad1, only Safari crashes, and Safari isn't the only browser available. I've used Atomic Lite, which is free and has worked fine so far. It might be a good temporary (hopefully) workaround. Anyone have another browser they like?

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    Having the same problem and tried all the fixes suggested. My error long is long to say the least.  It started with the iOS 5 and the iOS 5.1 makes it almost unusable.  It will crash before I finish this post. Any new suggestions would be great. 

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    Saem think here. Me and the wife IN ipad2 5.1 and sister in law on iPad 1. Same think , for us FaceTime is almost useless, 5 minutes talking it bombs, close double click, star again works for a few, all the way until it won't even open anymore. Skype a little better but about the same


    Safari and other browsers crash,no matter how time I reboot. I wish there was a way to go back to 4

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    Forgot to mention, in my case it is memory management. Every time it crashes I get a log file for low memory


    I haven't checked the wife's one yet