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Siri takes voice commands to a new level, but getting the whole bluetooth thing to integrate with it is proving to be a challenge. Ideally all it would take is saying "Hey Siri" and she would reply with her set of beeps indicating she is ready to listen. A close second would be a single click of the bluetooth headset button to call up the Siri tones. I have a Blueant Q2, but clicking its button starts its own voice recognition app and you have to say a geeky "Phone Commands" to get Siri to listen. A long press of the button re-downloads the headset's addressbook. I also have a Jawbone Prime. This far simpler device sounds every bit as good, but no combination of buttons I press call up Siri.  I've read that the new SoundID SIX is built for Siri, but it only allows custom voice recognition menu items that still require a button press. Pretty expensive too.


So what's the best bluetooth for leveraging Siri?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1
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    I have an LG-HBS-700 and it does what it seems you're looking for. If you click the left button once, you hear Siri's "I'm listening!" ding and then you speak your command. One button press is all. However, although I love the device, the design is unique (in my experience) and it provides stereo audio capabilities as well — perhaps overkill. Also, the mic doesn't seem to be too fantastic.

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    After reading the posts on here I was doubtful that a bluetooth headset would work very well with Siri and the Apple sales guys in the shop didn't know either.  But I ended up buying the Bose Bluetooth headset Series 2 from the Apple store in Cambridge and it works like a dream!  You don't even have to press the home button on the iPhone.. pressing the call button once on the headset activates Siri, so the phone can stay in your pocket the whole time, and the voice recognition through the headset is even more accurate than just speaking normally into the phone.  The down side is it was expensive - really expensive at £120 pounds, but this is what Siri was made for and it makes driving whilst chatting a **** of a lot safer..  I guess other cheaper headsets just don't sample the audio at a high enough rate for Siri to recognize it reliably.  If you have a spare £120 knocking about, go for it!

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    You can now activate iPhone SIRI from Mercedes console keypads with world's most innovative Bluetooth upgrade adaptor ever designed for Mercedes! The ViseeO MB-4!

    Here is a video demonstration! I've tried and it works great!



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    I use the Jawbone ERA and it works great with SIRI but there are a couple of things you have to do.  First your have to go to Jawbone's MYTALK website (http://mytalk.jawbone.com), connect your Jawbone and install the small plugin so you can update firmware and apps onto your Jawbone.  Very easy to do.  There are several "APPS" you can download to your Jawbone ERA one of which is the "VOICE CONTROL" app (NOT the VOICE DIAL app).  The VOICE CONTROL app works seemlessly with SIRI.  Just long press the Jawbone ERA talk button and SIRI is immediately activated and ready to accept commands.  And because the ERA cancels out surrounding noise, SIRI gets it right almost all the time.  Proper placement of the ERA is essential since it works with your jawbone.

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    My Motorola T325 works with Siri on a single click. Didn't have to install any new software or make any changes to it to make it work either. Unfortunately, because its a cheaper unit, the speaker is garbage and Siri has a hard time distinguishing certain words (when speaking naturally) as a result.