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I share calendars with my partner and my wife but none of us want the others' notifications beeping all the time.  Is there a way to share calendars and turn off their notifications/

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    I have the same issue with my work colleagues.

    I need to share my calendars so that they can plan mettings etc but they don't need my alerts.

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    I have the same issue!

    I have many calendars sync with iCloud and show some on my iPhone but also become the notifications for event in the not-displayed once.


    How would it be possible not to become these notifications?


    Thanks for your answer.


    iOS (5) / Mac OS X (10.8)

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    I wish there was a way to stop these alerts!


    My partner, colleagues and I are getting so many completely unnecessary alerts!  Just because we need to see each other's schedules does not mean we need to be alerted every time someone adds/changes or has an appointment.


    I know you can unsubscribe from email notifications and stop these alerts from showing in Notification Center; but apparently there is no way to switch off alerts for shared calendars in iCal on iPhone / iPad / Mac... I hope they fix this with the next update.