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I am new to webobjects and javascript. I have a AjaxUpdateLink action to change some value inside of an IFrame. I tried to put the IFrame into an AjaxUpdateContainer but seems not work.

Then I want to try

document.getElementById('iframe').contentWindow.document.getElementById('txt').v alue = 'test successful'

by put it in to

How can I trigger this or trigger the script inside WOActionResult java code.


Anyone can help? Many thanks

Mac OS X (10.6.5)
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    can you show your code? both the html and the WOD .



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    Hi Ted,


    For the main component:

    In the html:

    <wo:AjaxUpdateContainer id = "editform">

    <webobject name = "content" />



    <webobject name = "TagHpyerLink"> </webobject>


    In the wod:


    TagHpyerLink : AjaxUpdateLink {

      string = "change this";

      action = change;

      updateContainerID = "editform";



    content : WOIFrame {

    id = "iframe";

    pageName = "Page";

    height = "400px";

    width = "1170px";


    the Page component:



    <div><webobject name = "pagestring"></webobject></div>


    pagestring : WOString {

              value = html;

      escapeHTML = "false";



    I want to change the value of pagestring by AjaxUpdateLink change action but do not know how to do pass that via Iframe