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I've checked the web and found afew references to setting up my aple TV and ipad to use airplay. However they all refer to an icon on my ipad.


I see no reference to airplay at all on my ipad. I have the most recent SW on both itunes and the ipad. I have Airplay selected on the apple TV.. but I'm pretty sure that I have to tell the ipad to play!.. but I have no idea how.


I wasn't sure if this dicussion beloned on the ipad or apple TV forum!


Thanks for any help!



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    There are 2 Airplay modes for iPad 2 and iPhone 4S.


    The older Airplay is initiated through an icon in an app which supports this (the same Airplay icon in bottom left of iTunes).  You tap the icon (a rectangle (TV I assume) with an overlying triangle), and select the output destinations - your AppleTV 2.


    The newer Airplay mirroring is selected by double clicking Home button and scrolling screen all the way to the right, selecting Airplay and then the Mirroring Slider to On.


    If you do not have the Airplay options the iPad is probbly not seeing the AppleTV2 on the network.



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    Thanks AC..


    I'm at work right now so can't try it but embarrasingly I think I know what i have done wrong. I read hit the home button but I dind't hit it TWICE!!.. just once and was looking for the icon on my RH page!!


    I'll try it tonight!


    Thanks Again!

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    Good luck!

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    Hi, can you help me find the airplay on all my ios devices? i've tried various way to connect the airplay within all the devices to the apple tv including disabling my router's firewall but there's still no airplay icon on all the devices. I already followed the trouleshooting airplay steps but it doesnt seems to works. All my ios devices is up to date , still i cant understand it why the devices cant be connected to apple tv. Is there any problem with my wireless that i need to fix first?