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Dont Stick Glue!! I think thats dangerous... I say this because I found the easiest and simplest way to fix it!!!!


(Note: This is for those where only the metal bit is stuck inside, and no plastic covering the pit in the middle of the head)


My headphone jack's top bit broke off and got stuck inside the ipad socket (this can be any 3.5mm sockets) After searching the internet for over six weeks, 4 of which were when I was waiting for my 'drill bits' to arrive... i finally recieved them yesterday... got the tip from eHow to use one bit and push it towards the side and pull it out.. didnt work for me, its too weak to exert any proper pressure being 0.5mm think.. so here is what I did:



Cut the crap - straight to business:


I see no Risk here !


What you will need:

- Five 0.5mm drill bits (easily available from eBay, I got a pack of 10 for $3)

- nothing else!


How to do it:

- Place the swirly side of the drill bits inside the pit in headphone jack's head stuck inside your socket (in iPad, Pod, phone or whatever) (I mean in the dead centre of the think stuck inside your socket)

- Four will fit quite easily; put the fifth one in and you will feel resistance, push it in with whatever way you fancy, i just stroked it in with my car keys and all five fit easily in the headphone's pit

- Now you can feel the five drill bits are tightly holding together (and they are holding the jack's head tight )

- Push it out!! Can describe the feeling when I saw the head stuck on the drill bits after reading crazy solution on the internet for 6 weeks.. didnt wnat to risk with the glue option.


I have the drill bits with me now, not any use for me... if you are in Sydney, you can collect them from me...


BTW I tried searchingfor 0.5mm in Bunnings etc.... no luck... had to go eBay and took four weeks to arrive .


Good Luck..

Cant believe it was so simple....!!!

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    do you mean "pull it out" instead of push it out once you've got the 5 drill bits in firmly gripping the head?

  • AsherSydney Level 1 (0 points)

    Oops! Yes.. Thanks for the correction... Hope it works out for you!

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    Thanks.  Will try it as soon as i can get 5 pcs of 0.5mm.  Strangely it is not that easy to find it here in Manila.  So far True Value and ACE hardware does not have it.

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    I think if you can get 0.8 or 1mm it should still be fine... From the fact that it can fit five 0.5... I think the total diameter will be around 2.5mm...


    It really is hard to get them.. You can easily ding on eBay though...

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    I had the same problem and tried drilling out the piece that was stuck, but in the end I got the piece out a different way. If the jack broke off between the two rubber insulator rings, this method might work for you too.

    1) Drill into the piece with a tiny drill bit until a metal ring comes off on the drill bit - this is the piece of the jack that separates the two black insulator rings.

    2) Cleanly cut off a piece of portable radio antenna, the second smallest piece, using a hack saw. being careful to preserve the inner diameter. Gently try pushing it into the jack outlet. It'll probably be a bit too big, so gently file down the outer diameter a bit until it slides in. Then push it all the way in. If it works, it will slide all the way in, around the stuck piece, and then you pull it all out. In this pic below from left to right is the antenna filed down, the piece that was stuck, and the ring that you need to drill off first.



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    Thanks asher and Ithacan!


    I am happy to say I was able to get the stuck piece out of the earphone jack.  It was done differently to what you two described which I think is a good thing as it provides options depending on what kind of plug was stuck in that hole.


    It took the fellow I asked (here in the philippines there are dozens of repair shops for Ipad, iphone, phone repair, etc) just twenty seconds to do it. (Amazing really and it happened so fast) 




    1.  He took a tweezer (the one with the end hooked a bit used in watch repair stores) and a small plier or wire cutter.

    2.  Using the pliers he slightly bent the end of the tweezer (like giving it an "L" shape, like a small hook), inserted the tweezer inside the hole and then hooked the stuck pice with that small "L" tip.  It may have helped that the stuck piece has a bit of rubber part (similar to ithacan's picture) that facilitated the hook at the end of the tweezer to be held against the piece that was stuck inside.

    3.  He then "scooped" it out by leveraging the tweezer.  The motion is like pulling out a nail or thumb tacks by using a wedge.  (Hope I described this motion accurately)

    4.  The piece just came out like falling debris.


    Anyway hope this helps other out there with the same problem.

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    I was looking for the right term to describe the motion of pulling out the stuck plug as described above.  Maybe the term "dislodge" or dislodging motion was the one I was referring to in step 3.


    good luck to all!

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    I had the same thing happen to me today! And after reading all the different things people had tried, I finally just jammed the (broken) jack into the port and the broken piece clicked back into place and came out!!!!!! YAY!

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    I tried each of the other methods described here. After they told me at the apple store in palo alto that they could not get it out and it would cost something like 250 to replace, I brought it home and first tried the super glue and Qtip (cotton buds) approach. After several attempts at this I used some rubbing alcohol to clean up the minor mess and tried to see if I had a small enough drill bit. I have a 1mm bit but even that was too big and my electric drill was too unwieldy, If I had a much more elaborate set up this may have worked, but I wouldn't suggest it. This guy had the right approach though. Here are the steps that worked for me:


    1) I cut off the second smallest piece of a retractable alluminum radio antenna.


    2) I measured the diameter of the headphone jack which turned out to be just a hair shy of 4mm.


    3) I then measured the piece of antenna to find the place where it's diameter matched the measurement above and cut it at that point with a hack saw.


    4) At this point I took the drill on a swiss army knife, stuck it in the open end of the antenna and gentley twisted it a few times all the way around. After that I used a metal file to file down the antenna tip until it was perfectly cylindrical and very thin.


    5) I then stuck the end of the antenna in the headphone jack and gentley twisted it around until I was sure that it had gone around the outside of the broken jack.


    6) I tapped it down gently with a hardcover book, and then used a pare of plyers to pull out the antenna and broken peice all at once!


    iPad is good as new! I strongly suggest trying this first if you are also unfortunate enough to break off an audio jack in your device. Good luck!

  • ChelseaLov88 Level 1 (0 points)

    I basically carved the jack out of the port with a steak knife. I dug and dug with the knife until I got two deep indentations in the rubber part of the jack. I accidentally pulled out the little "thing" that surrounds the port but after that was gone, it took about 60 seconds to get the jack out. I kept digging the knife in the holes I dug at an angle. Once I got it out far enough, I used my teeth to pull the jack out completely. The little silver part that surrounds the port won't stay in now but everything works like normal. I knew that people were making way harder than it had to be. I will admit, the situation looked ugly and I thought I was making worse but I was already committed. Im so happy it worked.

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    I too had a same problem, when I attached AUX IN pin of my car to my ipad it got stucked in it.I went to Apple Store, they were helpless and asked me to replace it with new one for 16000 INR.


    What I did is, I took a refill of a pen and sharped its back so that it exactly sits into the gap. After thar I applied some pressure and pulled it out...I got the remaining part wich was stucked.


    Try this, I hope this is risk free. All the Best.

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    DO NOT WASTE TIME OR MONEY!!!! Just buy a simple BIC pen (or just find one anywhere in the house). take the ink tube and slide it in the socket, when you feel a little pressure just push a bit harder. Then pull out fast. Quick, simple, cheap.

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    I used my smallest bit in an electric drill. Placed the ipad on a level surface, braced it, drilled slowly and carefully. Once deep enough, 3mm maybe, I levereged the drill bit and while lifiting up on the bit to secure it inside the shallow grove I was able to pull it out. It took me 2 minutes. This was more effective than the BIC. Good luck.

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    Chema777 is absolutely correct, after spending upwards of 12 or so hours trying to get the broken piece out of my headphone jack on my IPhone, at about 11:30 pm or so while I was walking to go to bed, I realized that if I took a plastic ink pen cartridge out of a cheap click pen, it should work. So I took a cheap cheap pen and took the ink tube out of it and used the opened end and jammed it in the headphone jack, not slid it but jammed it in si the broken piece would slide into the open end, and pulled it right out, in about 10 seconds I was done and in bed with restful sleep, I know if I hadn't gotten it out I would've been up all night trying to get it out. Lol. Good luck to all

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