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We purchased with the family apple id on an ipad an audio book. We are trying to share the audio book to another computer that is authorized but are unable to and the home sharing is active  what else should we do

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    You can't use a computer to access the audio book. It is only for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

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    ckuan, he is referring to 'audiobooks' not 'ebooks'. Yes, you can access and playback audiobooks on a computer.


    To answer the original question. When you bought the audiobook from the iPad did you also download it to the computer? My audiobooks share across the network and with my iOS devices just like all the other media I have including music, movies and TV shows. It will also get synced back to the computer you use to sync with your iPad for backups. It can be shred from that computer as well.


    Be aware you can't share it from the iPad to a computer. You will need to download it separately on the computer from the iTunes Store. It will not be a new purchase it should download for free since you already paid for it on the iPad. It should show up in your iTunes in the Cloud purchased list when you view it in iTunes on a computer. Look for your purchased list on the right-hand side of the iTunes windows under Quick Links.

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    Sorry, you're right I was refering to e-book. My bad.