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Crickett Hoffman Level 1 (30 points)

I have lost my wifi for some reason.  I can't connect using my password.  I checked that I had the right password by turning the wifi off my Kindle and used the password and it was fine.  It just won't recognize my password (and I went into Keychain to check if I had the right password even though I had checked it on Kindle.)  I can't get it to take my password on my iPhone 4S (IOS 5.0.1).  My Airport Utility on the phone can't find my Airport Express, but as we can see, it is working for the computer....or you would not have gotten this.  And I downloaded two books on my wifi-only Kindle.  Only the phone won't work.  Please hurry.  I have a whole raft of updates that need wifi to download.


Thanks so much.