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I know how this sound, bla bla bla , i paid 450 $ and a 24 month contract whith an equivalent 35 $ / month, money.


My first iphone 4S 16 GB had dust under the glass, i send it back, now the second have some white/burn spots that can be seen only with white backround

(try browsing the internet).

Its not huge, but now i watch only the spots (its not backlight bleedeng, i can see it clearly, now that i know where they are, in day light in regular usage.

Frustrated for my luck or for my good eyes ,i send-it back right away, now after 9 days i recevit back, not fixed/swap, whit the mention that its without problems.


Even in direct sun, the spots are there, i know what is backlight bleding, its not the case here.

The defect can be seen best from an arm distance 40 cm , and its geting worse at 50cm.




Sory for the english, i'm from Romania.

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    I agree with you, that blotchy screen is unacceptable. Email the pics to your Warranty Provider so they can see the problem. When they agree with you about the problem, then make sure that this is the person who receives your iPhone for the Warranty Service.

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    To provide another data point, I had the same problem and I took the phone to my local Apple Store. I am still covered by AppleCare so after the Genius inspected the phone, he told me that he would replace it. If anyone else finding this and is still covered by the warranty or AppleCare, I would recommend taking it to the Apple Store. Chances are good that they will repair the problem. Your mileage may vary.


    Good luck