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For a couple days now my iPhone 4s cannot download anything from the app store. I cannot download new apps or updates. It does not give me an error message or anything. It just shows the icon on my iPhone screen and it says waiting right underneath it; I've let it go on for a day and it never resolved anything. It was working fine before and now it doesn't. I have not changed any settings and I know my account is fine because my wife's iPhone is also setup to use my iCloud account and it works without problems. I donnot want to reset my iPhone as it is currently set up just the way I need it; both peronal and work stuff. It would be a pain in the rear if I had to reset everything. Any ideas?



iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1
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    I am having the exact same issue - my iPhone 4s cannot update or download any new apps. When I attempt to download a new app or update a current app, it reads "waiting" underneath the app (nothing happens). If you go into iTunes and download the updates on your computer for the applicable apps and then sync with your iPhone that is a temporary fix for your problem. This problem just started for me in the past week.

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    Update to my post.

    I called customer Apple support and now my phone works without a problem.

    Here's what I had to do:

    • Try resetting network connections. If that does not work go to next step below.
    • Connect your iPhone to your computer
    • Open iTunes (probably opens automatically)
      • Back up your iPhone to your computer
    • Restore iPhone to factory settings (this is what I did. you can skip this step if you're feeling lucky and go straight to the next step). Try to download from app store, if it works, your set; go to next step.
      • Try right clicking on your iPhone an the left menu (iTunes) if you don't see the right options on your screen
    • Restore iPhone from previous file (iTunes)
    • My iPhone did not restore my downloaded apps, no worries, just go to bought apps on the app store/iTunes and download apps into iTunes. After that, just sync your iPhone to iTunes and your apps should be there.


    I hope that helps, that's what I had to do. I was able to reset my iPhone and all my settings to the way it was before restoring. I did not loose anything but it took about 2 hours.

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    I've had this problem as well.  However, I tried your steps and it did not work for me.

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    i am having the same problem too. Tried backing up and restorinng it and it still doesn't help. This is getting very annoying.

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    Same thing here. I've called apple support and they suggest download on iTunes and then syncing. This is a temporary fix. The next time i try to download or update, the app gets stuck waiting. We need a fix ASAP!!

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    i am also having problems downloading from itunes via my iphone 4s i think apple should be looking into this and getting an update sorted urgently its a right pain (

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    Same here. I cannot download any app from the App Store on my iPod touch.

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    I am also having the same problem, my husband has the IPhone 4 and it doesn't have any problems getting apps but with my phone nothing.