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I realize it may be a wonderful thing for some people, but it's really not working for business application, and it doesnt integrate with Outlook very well.


I've used iCloud now for about a month.   I've weighed out the pro's and con's, and frankly, I found no pro's to continue using it.  My old Outlook calendars (work & personal), have now been changed to "work in iCloud" and "personal in iCloud".  Same as my contacts.  How do I get my contacts and calendars to NOT be in iCloud anymore?  


What do I have to do to get iCloud out of my computer, iPhone, and iPad?  I'm sure I'll need to uninstall it from my computer, and go through my phone and iTunes settings....  Can someone explain to me so I dont delete everything in the process?


I sync to my work PC on Windows 7, with Outlook 2007. 



Windows 7, Outlook 2007
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