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I realize it may be a wonderful thing for some people, but it's really not working for business application, and it doesnt integrate with Outlook very well.


I've used iCloud now for about a month.   I've weighed out the pro's and con's, and frankly, I found no pro's to continue using it.  My old Outlook calendars (work & personal), have now been changed to "work in iCloud" and "personal in iCloud".  Same as my contacts.  How do I get my contacts and calendars to NOT be in iCloud anymore?  


What do I have to do to get iCloud out of my computer, iPhone, and iPad?  I'm sure I'll need to uninstall it from my computer, and go through my phone and iTunes settings....  Can someone explain to me so I dont delete everything in the process?


I sync to my work PC on Windows 7, with Outlook 2007. 



Windows 7, Outlook 2007
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    If you are asking how to go back to Mobile Me (you specified where you don't want to be, but not where you do), you can't.


    You wil now have to use a new email account (I am assuming that you had/have a .me or .mac address) as the one you're used to has been ported to iCloud.


    Or you can set it up correctly instead.

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    I dont use the mobile me email.  I have 4 or 5 different email addresses that I already use within my Outlook, and then when I loaded iCloud to my computer, it created my .me account, but I've never sent emails to / from it.

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    Either restore your backup or use Windows system restore to go back to a time prior to installing iCloud, the latter is faster and cleaner.

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    But my new contacts I've added, and new calendar appointments that I've created over the past month will all be lost?  since my backup without iCloud is over a month ago.  so that will be a month of information lost?


    this blows.

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    Backup now and add them back later, this happened because of user error, don't compound it.

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    sorry for the frustration, but this is not turning out to be very good for business application.  I have no error's using it other than it doesnt work with Outlook.  


    There are a lot of qwarks that are extremely bothersome.  For example, today, I wanted to delete a contact in my work address book.  I cant get it to delete.  Tried to delete it three times, and then an hour later, it appears in my personal address book. 


    Then my boss sends me a calendar invitation, and it doesnt appear on my calendar.  I received 3 emails saying he sent me a calendar invitation, but it's not there.  And everytime I get a calendar invitation, I get 3 emails about it.  2 from iCloud, and 1 from Outlook.  How do I move my "Calendar in iCloud" to a new Calendar that is not in iCloud?  I dont want to lose all my data.


    There's more to it than just restoring the backup.  Everything is set up to go through iCloud now.  how do i turn it off and get it out of my phone and ipad, and everything? off my computer?

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    chickwithbigredhair wrote:


    There's more to it than just restoring the backup.  Everything is set up to go through iCloud now.  how do i turn it off and get it out of my phone and ipad, and everything? off my computer?

    I already told you how, you can choose to ignore my advice if you want but a system restore is the simplest way it, it is no magic bullet however, you will have to cleanup and restore the missing parts.


    I have no idea what calendars / contacts etc you are syncing, you have said what it is not (Mobile Me) but you have not said what it is (or was prior to iCloud) and I am really bad at guessing so.


    Who hosts your calendars and contacts, is it Google, Yahoo. Microsoft Exchange? (you get the drift I am sure)

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    My contacts are in Outlook.

    My calenars are in Outlook.


    When I changed to iCloud, they became "Calendar in iCloud" and "Contacts in iCloud".


    I just want them to go back to NOT being in iCloud.


    what I mean is that it's more than just a restore, is that if I go into the Settings in my iPhone, and then to the iCloud tab, then I have all these settings for "on/off", and then ultimately a "delete account" option.   I also have iTunes set to sync in the iCloud.


    What seems to be working so far in my contacts is that I made new contact folders in the "My Contacts" folder (not in the iCloud folder), and deleted the now empty iCloud contact folders.  I'm going to try and move the Calendar folders back to my personal folder and see if that works, but I'm running a backup first just in case.

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    Good luck.

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    What worked is this:


    Go into Control Panel > iCloud

    Uncheck Contacts and Calendars


    Then in iTunes, in the Info tab, check "Sync contacts with Outlook", and same for calendars.


    Then on the iPhone, go to Settings > iCloud, and turn off contacts and calendars.


    I may be missing something else I need to do, but this is working for now.... better than iCloud.


    Phew!  I almost did a system restore.  I just saved myself a month of work!

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    I'm glad it worked for you.


    FYI, System Restore does not affect data entered after the restore point, only appplications and system files, months of work is more like minutes. It's a great tool, one I wouldn't mind seeing on the Mac, especially for the daredevils who like to fly without backup.

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    This was brilliant. Thank you. I now have 2 folders in my Calendars. One is the main Outlook Calendar which contains about 3 appointments and the other is labelled icloud calendar that contains all my appointments. At least I have them back on my computer - a big improvement!


    Is there a way to copy the appointments from the icloud folder to the Outlook Calendar folder? If I right click on the icloud folder it asks me where I want to copy them to and gives me options that do not include the folder I want to copy them to!


    If I backup Outlook.pst will it contain the iCloud calendar?

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    My calendars ended up the same way.  Not perfect, but good enough for me.

    I wish I knew how to put my Calendar in iCloud back into my original Outlook calendar. 

    if you view them in side by side mode, you can click and drag the appointments to the calendar you want them to go to.   For me, I have too many appointments to do that... It would take all week.  So I'm using both for now, but only using the iCloud calendar to view current appointments.   I use my original Outlook calendar for new appointments.  In a month or two, it should be current and I can archive my iCloud calendar to view old appointments.


    I'm not sure about the backup.  I'm still trying to figure that part out.

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    Forgot to mention (as I'm just learning this today as I use my calendars more), I'm still having iCloud calendar issues.


    I'm trying to figure out how to set the default calendar to use.  When my boss sends me a calendar invitation, sometimes it goes to my Calendar in iCloud still.  I want it to go to my original Outlook calendar.


    Not sure how to do this....  any one know?

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