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From the time the 4S was released I've used Siri with no issues. Today all of a sudden when  I'm in the phone functions ( favorites, voicemail, keypad ) and I hold the phone up to my ear Siri comes on asking me how it can help.


In Siri settings I do have the hold the phone up setting enabled but I've never had this happen without first holding the Home button down to activate Siri. It just comes on by itself. Again this just happened today. If I disable that setting it doesn't happen but then I can't use Siri without talking to the phone away from my face. I want this setting to be on so I can just hold the phone as in a normal call and tell it what I want and hear its response. I have tried rebooting the phone, doing a hard reset, disabling and then re-enabling Siri but none of that has worked. Has anyone seen Siri behave like this?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5