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As a web developer, it's extremely important to me to be able to organize the files on my computer. For some odd reason, Safari lacks what I consider an extremely fundamental tool of a web browser.


When I go download some files, I get no option to ask for my download location and it's driving me up a wall. Some of you will say that I could just drag and drop from the download folder I set in my preferences, but that adds an unneeded extra step in my file organization. Others will say I should "Ctrl + Click" to get the download prompt, but that option isn't available every time I download something, and it adds extra keystrokes to something that *should* be expected of every web browser.


Safari is the only web browser I've used that doesn't give me the option to download a file to a custom location if I request it. Safari Dev Team: People have been asking for this feature for years. Please add this functionality to Safari 5. I had high hopes after the most recent update, but alas.. No download location prompt.


I come back to Safari occasionally because it runs faster than Firefox in my experience, and I just don't like Chrome much. Safari is my preferred browser, but this glaring omission makes it impossible for me to continue using it on a regular basis, and my only option is to use a different web browser - which I prefer not to do.


The following list is of others who request the same functionality. If you find some, please add it in so the Dev team knows this is important!


MacBook Pro Unibody, Mac OS X (10.5.6)