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My iPhone keeps deleting my contacts, I tried to restore my phone and I thought it worked. I checked my contact number and it said 471 and then I looked again now it says 260 and has changed all the names in my phone. I have the new update do you think that could be the problem?

iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.1
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    are you syncing to an Exchange mailbox/contacts list?

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    No not that I am aware of. How could I check? The only logical thing I could think of is my computer only has 260 contacts in my address book. But I don't know to sync my contacts to the address book

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        This problem is considered to be a glitch in the software. YOur best option, if you still need advice or if it ever happens again, is to plug the iPhone into your computer, sync it with iTunes, and then restore the device. Hopefully you can save all the correct contacts that are left. Then, redownload all of your information to your iPhone and the problem shouldnt transpire again!




    Mark H.

    Apple Assistance


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    I have the same problem and this did not help.


    what else can i do to resolve this problem?

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    I have the same problem...I have completely wiped out my iPhone 4S 2 times and restord it...that didn't do anything at all to help the problem!  I also have a problem where "other" is taking up 8.9GB of storage. If I don't get answers I'm switching to droid. I'm an original first generation iPhone user & can't stand issues like this that don't have resolution.

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    I solved my problem on my own, hopefully this will help you all: If you're sharing your Apple ID with someone and you both are using iCloud.... DON'T!!!! Knock them off of yours and have them make their own because Apple hasn't made iCloud smart enough yet to detect two or more devices. So instead of having just your contacts your having theirs too, and in the event they have realized they have yours and so they delete them out of their phone, they are deleting them from their iCloud which is your iCloud so then it deletes your contacts off of your phone.

    I hope that helps, let me know if it did.