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akishore Level 1 (0 points)

After upgrading to iOS 5.0.1, my phone (4S) and my iPad 2 keep freezing! I'll be in a app and suddenly absolutely nothing works. Can tap anything, can't press the Home button. It just sits there. I have to do a hard reset in order to get the thing working again. This never happened before, even with iOS 5. But this latest update is definitely messing something up. Anyone else see the issue?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1
  • Daniel Japan Level 1 (0 points)

    Yes, I met this kind problem quite often, I have to restart my iphone, otherwise, it just a devise which glows but cannot run any app that I clicked.

    I miss my 3GS, the good old days.

  • underdone Level 2 (495 points)

    Have you tried restoring to new then loading your back up?

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    Yep same here, iOS 5.0.1 freezes ,what i do is just wait then it automatically resprings and i can continue my work from where it got froze,but this is bs,hope the problem will be solved in next update, iOS 5.1

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    Yep, having the same problem. I use iPad first generation with iOS 5.0.1, it freezes and I have to re-start my iPad quite often. It's different apps that freeze, not the same app every time. 


    I bought a new iPad 2 for my daughter as a christmas gift, it run well – until I upgraded it to iOS 5.0.1. Now that one freezes too! It's frustrating, especially for my daughter who's so happy about her new iPad 2 and can't use it without the apps keep freezing. This morning she asked me why on earth I bought her this iPad 2 when it's not working, she have to restart it quite often.


    Same thing with my iPhone 3GS, use iOS 5.0.1 in that one too. It all started as soon as I got the iOS 5.0.1 inside. Sometimes I can't make a simple phone call since my phonebook freezes. I tap and I tap but nothing happen. So I have to restart my iPhone and then I'm able to make my phone call. And everyone knows that iPhone is not starting up fast either. What if my house is on fire? Well, before I can call the fire department I have to restart my iPhone!! I don't trust my iPhone because the phonebook freeze.


    I'm a Macaholic, I use Apple products everywhere and anytime on a daily basis since years. But Apple products is not what they once were – without so many problems as I experiencing them today.


    I really do hope Apple solve this problem with iOS 5.1!!

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    My iPhone 3GS can now only be used as a paperweight!!!

    I've upgraded the OS and after sometime it froze, then hanged-up!

    I tried restoring it to factory settings and it worked for a while until it hanged again.

    Now I can not even do a factory restore and my phone wont even turn on!

    Apple, this is really stupid and frustrating!!!

    You have to pay for all the inconvenience this has caused me.


    Your online support doesnt work for me either.Tell me, how are you supposed to give me a call when my phone is not even working?


    I lost my trust in Apple. What a rip-off this has been!

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    I'm having exact the same problem on my iPad 1 after updating to iOS 5.1