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    I have just typed up my issue through the link you gave me



    Hopfully they respond. I did remove all components of itunes before reintaliing. When i google itunes 10.5 cannot connect to istore, i get a very large number of hits. Does not look like an isolated problem. Will the steelers make the super bowl?

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    I sometimes get this problem with my iPad - I just do a hard reset and it seems to clear the problem !   To do a hard reset hold both the one/off button on top of Piaf and also the button on the front at same time for approx 10seconds !

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    My "cannot connect" problem is limited to my iPhone and iPad, not my iMac which connects effortlessly. For your information, the Apple support team suggested I visit the Apple Support Communities for a resolution, because they have no idea how to fix it. So I have eliminated all possible non-Apple fixes and still no resolution. Its pretty safe to say "there is something for Apple to fix" and yes, they are avoiding the problem because they don't have a fix. I've phoned them, emailed them and visited the Genius bar, reset, uninstalled, reinstalled everything....I may be in the minority but surely I can expect to get what I paid for? Has anybody tried to create a new iTunes account to see if it may be the account set-up?

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    Have you looked through this troubleshooting article at all?

    Can't connect to the iTunes Store


    I'm not denying that some users are having issues with connecting to the iTunes Store. I have experienced the problem myself once or twice. I'm saying that in the overall scheme of things - based on the millions of iDevices and computers that can successfully connect to the store - it is not a widespread problem - or a bug - that Apple needs to fix. Something needs to be fixed more than likely on the user's end - but if millions of computers, iPhones, iPads and iPods can connect - it really isn't on Apple's end.


    Have you tried temporarily disabling your firewall or anti virus software (if you use anti virus software) - or checked to make sure that your router is using an iTunes store friendly port (according the the troubleshooting articles). Have you tried rebooting your router? Did you try repairing disk permissions on the Mac? Try signing into the Mac with a different user account?


    There are many reasons why you may not be able to connect to the iTunes Store. This may help.

    iTunes: Advanced iTunes Store troubleshooting

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    Just to comment, in my case I already updated/changed my password, reset and reinstaled the ipad and I still cannot access the itunes, but I can access the itunes using my computer or my iphone. I dont know, ilooks that the problem is related to the ios 5.01

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    Sure glad to see I'm not alone with this frustrating problem.  I have involved support, updated everything, changed passwords, etc and still get the same error message on both my iPad and iPhone.  When I go into my iTunes account on my pc, it tells me there are 4 updates available for my apps but when I try to update it then tells me there are no updates available and to try a different iTunes account!? I am very sure it isn't a connection problem because, hello, I'm connected on all devices.

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    It turned out that my ISP had put a block on my connection. The connection has been taken down and i can now connect to the store. Good luck everyone hope this helps for a possible solution.

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    Peopke I was able to solve my problem using an extreme solution, I restore my iPad, but I did not backup the apps instaled after the restore process. In this way i got a brand new iPad and now I can connect to the iTunes store, so now I am installing all things again. I hope this post helps! Good luck!

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    thanks for all of the advice but i can say that nothing has worked. I went through Apple support they got me to try some things like msconfig and the winsock refresh, none of their solutions worked. i created a fresh install of Win XP SP3 installed my mobile broadband software and itunes, tried and it did not load, same problem. really dont know what eles to try. im thinking its not other apps conflicting, its not the ver of itunes cos it works for some people, its not the hand set cos its not plugged in when i (try) to visit the istore. whats left. could my broadband software have changed the port which itunes communicates on? ahhh but then if i try to update and app on the PC it works but it just doesnt display the itunes page. im lost.

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    I ran into a similar problem on my iPad.  Apps wouldn't update (Waiting) and also would not install.  Starting receiving a "Cannot connect to iTunes Store" error.  Then tried my iPhone, same issue.  Then tried my wife's iPad, same problem.  I made all these attempts within 15 minutes.  Conclusion, it's not the device/s in my case, it's an issue with my account.


    So...went through Safari to mobile me site and changed my password on my account.  PROBLEM SOLVED.


    Hope that helps someone.  Lost at least an hour of my life on this one.

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    Ha.  I wish it were only an hour for me with this problem.  I've tried everything in Demo's post and nothing. I really wish my office hadn't gone iPhone and iPad's some days.  The hours researching solutions for iTunes, iPhone problems in these forums seem endless.


    I'm about to try the password change... fingers crossed.

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    Nope.  resetting or changing password didn't work.  I have to think this is an issue with the iPad or the iOS on the iPad. 


    My iPod touch can connect and download apps. 

    My iPhone 4S on the same Apple ID can connect and same network can connect to itunes. 

    iPad cannot connect to itunes.  Connects to wireless and internet no problem.


    Very bizarre, ready to give up.  Who has this much time to waste on something that should be automatic.


    I will look back tomorrow to see if anything has been resolved.  Hope someone figures this one out.


    Not that this is a solution but downloading the apps on itunes on my PC (Same network) works and then I just sync my iPad.  Old school.

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    I am having the same issue here on my iPad 2.  I can browse online fine, I can even browse the app store without any problems but as soon as I attempt to download an app or install an update, I get the 'Cannot connect to iTunes store' error.


    I have tried everything and have had absolutely no joy.  We have other iPad's here (both 1 and 2) that connect effortlessly to the store so I know it's not a connection issue.  I've tried logging out and back in with my account, hard resets, new passwords, static IP, DHCP, restoring the device etc., and still nothing works.


    There is simply no reason that I can see as to why this shouldn't be working here.  As a result, the only way to update apps and/or download new ones is to download them to my PC and then sync.

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    Having the same problem here.  It really seems to be specific to the apple id,  not the device.   I have two apple ids,  one for personal and one for work.   On the same iphone 4s,  the personal account gets the "Cannot connect to itunes store"  but if I sign out and back in with my work apple id,  I can download and update apps fine as long as they were purchased under the work account.  If I try to update an app purchased via the personal account, the error comes back.


    Also ruled out the network (tried via several different wifi networks including ones that definitely do not have a firewall and also via 3g).


    The issue also occurs on several devices (Mac iTunes, iphone, ipod touch and ipad) but doesn't occur with the mac App store.


    I've reset my password, changed the credit card on file,  done hard resets, everything short of wiping and reinstalling from scratch (which I'm pretty reluctant to do given that a differnt apple id works).

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    I had this same problem. Suddenly my Apps would no longer update and I couldn't download any new Apps....kept getting the "cannot connect to iTunes" error. I found the solution on another thread in this forum. A user discovered that iTunes no longer will accept the "&" symbol in your name. Go to your account information and check your name for your billing address. If you've used something like this..."John & Jane Smith", simply remove the "&" to merely resemble "John Smith" or "John and Jane Smith". This fixed my connection issue immediately.