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Just wanted to get some feedback on this subject. I never really understood what the big deal was when Reminders was introduced. Doesn't the Calendar app have the capability of setting an alert reminder, already? What are you using, and why?

iPad 2, iOS 5.0.1
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    m_mendiola_1971 wrote:


    Doesn't the Calendar app have the capability of setting an alert reminder, already?

    Yes it does.

    What are you using, and why?

    I use the Reminders App because it is simple, basic and it suits my needs. I dont need to see all of my events at a glance - or to see what I need to do that particular day in the way of appointments, meetings etc. I don't need multiple calendars and the simplicity of the Reminers App works fine for what I need.


    I tried to explain this in another discussion a week or so ago - for the me the Reminders app took the place of a note that I would write myself in the morning to remember ny errands and such that I have for that particular day like - stop and get milk on the way home, pick up my daughter at work, order my supplies at work - just a simple "to do" list if you will - without the need for any other clutter.


    The Calendar App - is a way to plan for future events, appointments, meetings and so on - and to be able to see what's going on for the week, the month or for a period of months in the future, etc.


    The Calendar App works better for very busy people with a lot of things going on. The Reminders App - as I use it - is just a simple "things to do" list that I use as needed.

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    I'd like to add to Demo's excellent explanation. For me, the Reminders app is not something I open up and look at. It comes to me, so to speak by notifying me. It's like your spouse calling to you as you leave the house, "Take out the trash on your way out!". Like Demo, for me a calendar apps is for longer term planning, bigger stuff.

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    I have issue with apple's calendar: the alert sound is too short. Why not make it sounds until dismissed by user? I had missed a few events just by simply taking couple minutes coffee break leaving the phone on the desk while the timed events went off. The rest of the industry have their calendar sounds continuously as an alarm clock. I missed detist appointment and Ebay bidding events.


    You guys don't see this is an issue, and how do you deal with it? it's hard to believe apple have the stoopid design for so many years.

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    lyem wrote:


    The rest of the industry have their calendar sounds continuously as an alarm clock.

    Which part of the rest of the industry? None of my Android phones have had that feature.


    No, I don't see it as a problem. But then, I'd never leave my phone sitting around on a desk while I was taking a coffee break. I'd be concerned that someone one might walk off with it. For things that are extremely important and so out of the ordinary that I might forget, I set an SMS alert through my computer (I use Google Calender). I also make it a habit to review my schedule in the morning at the beginning of my work day so that I have a sense of what I will need to do throughout the day. Perhaps this is because I'm older and I didn't grow up expecting something external to remind me of things. There was no alarm on my Filofax at all.

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    leave it on a desk doesn't just mean at work. We all have home and we leave phone on the dining table, and then walk out to answer a door bell, or feed the dog for example.


    All the dumb cell phones that I had before had the calendar alarm sounded as clock alarm. One might ask then why not use the clock alrm? They serve different purpose. clock alarm for event within 24hrs, and calendar is for ....calendar, week, month, days.


    Doctor appoint and Ebay bidding date/time are perfect for calendar. The point is that if the user decided to turn on the alert feature in the calendar, then why not let it sounds continuously as in clock alarm? What wrong with that? Or at least give the user the option of setting continuous or 2 seconds alert; what wrong with this?


    Here are more people talked about this issue:


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    I explained why I don't have a problem with it. And that no phone I've had in at least the last 5 years had had this feature.


    Submit your feedback to Apple here:




    And, in the meanwhile, figure out some work arounds: Use the alarm clock even if you don't think it's the "right" thing to use. Get in the habit of checking notifications. Get a belt clip and carry the phone with you. No one here can change the way things are at the present.


    Best of luck.