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Help! I have had my iPad for some time now and Never had a problem connecting it to my home wifi. In the last three days it has either not connected, connected but no wifi symbol appears in top left, connected with wifi symbol lit but won't open web pages, or continually asked for the password and said 'cannot access network'. I am at a complete loss to know what to do. Why has this suddenly happened? I have contacted my broadband provider, all ok their end. My laptop has no problem finding the wifi and using it so I can't see it being the router. Even so I have re-set my router and re-set the security on it, still no joy. In fact my iPad couldn't understand how to use the re-set network before it was secured! The frustrating thing is my iPad can use other open networks so why can it not use my home one? because I know modem, router, iPad, laptop are all working,(laptop can use home wifi, iPad can use other open networks) this feels as though I am either totally bonkers or it must be something small that I am missing. I have hard reset the iPad, holding home and power buttons, and reset networks from the general settings. I have tried numerous tips on the router settings, channel 11, putting it onto WEP, adding mac address etc etc etc.


If anyone can help at all it will be hugely appreciated. I am a disabled person so my iPad is used more at home on wifi than anywhere else. I can use another open network or safari, games, updating aps etc but am worried that this is insecure and concerned that other people can pick up card details passwords etc.


I am seriously considering throwing the iPad away as it is not doing what I need it to do and getting myself an android tablet. This would be a shame as in all other ways I'm fond of it but it seems to be acting like it's having a tantrum, maybe it's going through the terrible twos! I just resent that I am paying for broadband my iPad refuses to use!


Has anybody else had these issues? Is my iPad coming to he end of it's shelf life? Has anyone had this issue and managed to resolve it? If so ANY tips would help, even those I've tried before as I may not have done things correctly.

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    Solving Wi-Fi issues can sometimes be a tricky business.

    Please read these valuable troubleshooting suggestions:



    Make sure that the Wi-Fi circuitry of the iPad is not obstructed by metal containing iron.

    This Wi-Fi circuitry is located near the iPad's Home button.

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    Argh!! Sorry but I'm still no nearer to solving this issue. I tried EVERYTHING suggested and NONE of it has worked :(

    Has been suggested that I get a new router BUT..... It is ONLY the iPad that won't connect to this router. My laptop (xp), youngest sons laptop (vista) and my eldest sons (who got the train home just to help try to fix this problem) Archos 101 Internet tablet ALL have no problem connecting to the wifi.


    I am so wiped out now from trying everything I could find on apple support, forums, google searches that I'm ready to turn this blooming iPad into a wedge to put under the wobbly table leg. I'm not even close to joking. What is the problem?


    I have even gone to the time consuming, teeth grinding process of updating iPad to ios5. And.... NO! Still no cigar :(


    I now know that I am not alone. People EVERYWHERE are having the same problem. Different settings on the router work for different people but as yet none have worked for me.


    I can't believe that apple do not know about this, so why can't someone in the know read this question and tell me what the issue is and how to fix it? This iPad is my first apple product and until recently I was considering both an iPhone and a mac book, NOT NOW. Unless and until this problem is resolved apple is a dirty word in my house and I will not recommend them to anyone. It's just not worth the agg.


    As for it being obstructed by metal containing iron, What? Can't see a situation where that would happen! Sorry to be rude but I'm going round the twist now with this.

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    People everywhere aren't having this problem. There are probably 50 million iPads out there so you are going to see some problem reports no matter how good the product.


    Since you say your iPad works on other networks the problem you are having is most likely due to router firmware, configuration, or hardware problems (check for firmware updates on the manufacturer's support web pages). Also restart your router (not reset) by removing power to it for at least 30 seconds


    If you really want some help here you should give the make, model, and version of your WiFi router and how it is configured.

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    Lol! People everywhere aren't having THIS problem as they do not all have the same router! Obviously!

    However, those with the same router, linksys WRT54GS, Are!

       How silly of me not to think of publishing this sooner!

          Frustration that my iPad was the only device not to play ball as it should probably made me skip over this seemingly     

          Obvious point! Thick as I am even I can see that this is NOT how it should be! Pull your socks up Apple.


    But.... JimHdk I think you in particular will be pleased to know that the problem is now resolved!

                 And... It only cost me £45 (mates rates) for a computer whizz friend to come out on a Saturday evening to fix!


    The fiddling he did on my laptop in places I am warned shouldn't be snooped into by a rank amateur, found settings that had to be added to the iPad. Even he agrees that this should NOT  be a necessary step to connect an iPad to wifi.


    At least I now know I'm not going bonkers and the iPad is now working on my network. The question is, for how long?!

    Ah well, at least apple has now helped him buy his kiddies Xmas presents!


    P.s it wasn't router firmware, hardware or configuration! And I had restarted the router many times! Even I am not that thick to not try pulling the plug!

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    Hi Honeybadgerzs, I've been experiencing the same frustration of not being able to connect to Wi Fi.  What did your friend do to fix the problem.  I am about to scream from frustration after trying every suggestion posted on the Internet.  Thanks in advance for your help.