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I am working with a large series of photos from a recent vacation, arranging the images for captioning and sharing as slideshows.  I've pulled the images over to new albums, one per day, and would ideally sort them once by date, then change to manual sort and adjust a few images' position in the queue.  But when I switch from date sort to manual sort, the images immediately revert to a relatively random-looking order that I think must be the order in which they were edited and then pulled into the finishing album.  Since some of these albums include several hundred photos, the idea of starting over with completely manual sort of all of the images is VERY painful.  Sorting them by date and then copying and dragging the sorted images to a new album, and then resetting to manual sort, reverts them to the same order they had in the previous album.


Any suggestions for how to fix the date sort some way, then do a fresh manual sort that leaves the date sort as my starting point?


(and is the question clear?)