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Hi, I'm was copying two files from a camera (Olympus) to my desktop and we're in a stuck state. Here's what happened in order:


1. Opened iPhoto, connect camera, select images, import selected images. Boom, done.


2. Window pops up saying two images (xx1.jpg and xx2.jpg, e.g.) didn't import properly, error code -50 or something. What I *should've* done was eject the camera, plug it back in, and try to import the images again. Instead, I...


3. (with iPhoto open) Go to finder, open up the camera/external flash card drive, find those two images, and drag them to desktop. Error window, images cannot be copied, but now the "copying" window (and rotating scrolling bar) are "thinking" they're copying, but nothing's really happening.


4. I eject the camera from iPhoto, manually unplugging the camera, and get Device Removal! warning. Since the camera and computer weren't really talking to each other I thought I could get away with that.


But now I have a "copying 2 files" window and timebar on my computer and my computer won't log out. What do I do? Sorry for making dumb decisions.

MacBook Pro 17", Mac OS X (10.5.8), 2.4 GHz 2GB