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steev uk Level 1 (0 points)

Since the 'update' my iPad 3G has a tendency for crashing, from safari, iBooks to the loved angry birds!! Anybody else been suffering, or is it time to book it in for a check??

iPad, iOS 5.0.1
  • stefanfromclearwater Level 1 (0 points)

    My IPad is crashing all the time and no solution in sight. 

    With the death of Jobs Apple is dying too. Now in several cities in China the courts stopped sale of IPads because the IPad name belong to another company.

  • marianfromspringwood Level 3 (800 points)

    Have you tried a reset. Hold down the home button and the sleep/wake button at the same time till the Apple logo appears then let your iPad wake up. Or just clear safari. I am sure Apple will be working on any problems for the next update.

  • stefanfromclearwater Level 1 (0 points)

    I have everything suggested even from Apple "techs". Nothing is working and the funny thing is that I don't use it that much.

    I was planning to buy two more IPad's but after this experience, Apple will not get my money.

    Thanks for your help.

  • marianfromspringwood Level 3 (800 points)

    Glad to try and help.

  • DDHighland Level 1 (0 points)

    Did any of this help? My IPad is doing the same thing. It is very frustrating. When will Apple let us know how they intend to fix this problem? I have tried everything.

  • Philly_Phan Level 6 (13,226 points)

    Several others are experiencing the same issue and it's likely that pretty much nothing that you can do yourself will help.


    It is my opinion that IOS-5 stresses the iPad hardware to the point where some units fail.  Hopefully you're close to an Apple Store.  Make an appointment with the resident "Genius" and display the problem to him/her.  Put the onus on Apple to resolve the problem.

  • Jimka Level 1 (5 points)

    We have two ipads that are crashing multiple times a day, started after ios 5 update

  • steev uk Level 1 (0 points)

    I've sorted the problem! apple store was no help at all and tried to fob me off with the hope of a fix in the next update. so I decided to use some software available through links on youtube and downgrade to IOS 4.3.5. not crashed at all as yet.

  • bb48 Level 1 (0 points)

    I tried to cool down my iPad, no more wrapped in the protection and in addition I Set back the backlight. My iPad get cooler and there are less crashes.

  • Knoll42 Level 1 (0 points)

    I've found that if you can see lots of disk space taken up by 'other' in iTunes (a block of yellow), and the device usage indicates it is almost full, then you will get crashing due to low memory. I've had 8.6gb of 'other' up till last night.


    For me it was caused by having icloud match enabled for my music AND the  'sync iPad over wifi' option checked in iTunes. I found lots of duplicates and various errors in the music library after iTunes match was activated with wifi sync enabled.


    In my view this is an iCloud related issue. In fact, if you turn off all music and cloud, I reckon you'll have no more trouble. But if you want iCloud and match, make sure you turn off 'sync over wifi' and resolve the duplicate tracks in the library.