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I am making a photo book for the first time and I am really excited, but I think it is going to get really pricey really fast.  I have gotten so many codes for discounts on other companies photo books and I was wondering how to find one for apple.  Any luck? 

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    I've never found promo codes for Apple products - they just don't discount anything! 


    I did a few Apple photobooks last year and you are right they get very pricey very quickly - they also don't let you order everything together so if you have a couple of different photo books you have to order separately and get charged multiple times for delivery - £5.99 each time, which I think is a pretty poor show.


    Having said all of that - the quality is great, and iPhoto just makes them so easy to create versus other sites, so I'm about to order a few more this year for Christmas!


    If you find any codes let me know.