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So as I said , my iPhone 4s got stolen yesterday ! I'm in a big panic !


I have the app setup and everything , wich was actually pretty usefull.


So about 3 hours after my iPhone was stolen (it got stolen at school and the dude was from my school , he stole it while we were in class)


The guy turned off the phone when he stole it but he did turned it on at his house (wich is how I tracked him down)


Since then , I found where he lived , found information on where he lives and called him. Now he's claiming he doesn't have it while I clearly have proof


Problem now is he turned the phone off since yesterday. He cannot access my iPhone since its locked (pin to unlock), I reported my phone stolen to the cops and to my phone provider but now the problem is GETTING IT BACK !


I don't know how to get it back ! I don't want to go over his house and start a fight and argument and create a lot of problem ! What do you guys suggest me ? please help me, I called the police they told me something about 24h - 48h or till monday (72h) but I'm really scared that it get sold to someone or something like that !

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1, STOLEN iPhone 4s PLZ HELP
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