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Can you record 2 or more tracks of audio simultanously with garage band for iPad using an interface? Which interface/sound card would you recommend? Any experience with connecting an audio interface to the USB-camera connecting kit?

iPad 2, iOS 5
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    diVillaggio wrote:


    Can you record 2 or more tracks of audio simultanously with garage band for iPad using an interface?





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    Currently there is only one app that does this Daw Multitrack. It will actually record 8 tracks ata time with a special interface. The interface is mentioned on their website which you can link to easily at the app store. Not sure how much the interface costs or where to get it but I think it's by Fostex or some famous brand so probably reliable. Once the tracks are in Daw Multitrack you can paste the tracks into the pasteboard and send them to any app you like for further work or refining. So yes you can do this on the iPad but not directly into GarageBand but rather into Daw Multitrack with the breakout box. Cheers hope this helped.

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    Correction that is only 4 tracks in at a time not 8 I just checked for you and it's made by Tascam a US800. This is a pro piece but it's out there price $199 US.

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    I had to buy the US600, as the US800 has been discontinued. However, the US600 does not work(USB device not supported). Apparently the US1800 fails to work to with the ipad2. I have the daw app, but this is not the problem. Can you please help , as Tascam cannot. Many thanks

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    I will look into this problem your having. Usually when USB device not supported displays a may mean that the USB device needs a powered USB hub if your already using one then the problem may be the firmware version in the Tascam. Since Daw Multitrack advertise this on their site then they must have tested the unit in order to say it works. I will contact their support team. So connect the powered USB hub to the ipad2 and the Tascam to the powered USB hub. Let me know where your at with this problem so I can get on it. Cheers.

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    Thanks for your reply. I have bought a powered USB hub, but it still doesn't work correctly. When i connect to the iPad via hub , the ipad says USB device not supported. However, when  I switch on the button on the hub, the message disappears.

    Yet the DAW app fails to recognise it when I arm the track. It just says mono. When I plug a mike into the Tascam, it picks up the signal. Is there a setting in The Daw app I have to change.


    I hope you can help.



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    When you connected your US800 did it confirm the unit? That's the iPad recognizing the us800. If it did then your half way there. In Daw Multitrack when you arm the track for recording the red rec button rolls so you can see the various inputs that are available to use. The us800 offers mono 1-8 and stereo ABCD which corresponds to inputs 1-2. 3-4. 5-6. 7-8. Try this to see if your just not noticing this feature in Daw Multitrack. Hope this works let me know. You also need iOS 5 running on a non-jail broken iPad . Good luck.

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    As soon as I plugged the unit, it stated ' USB device not supported ' . Remember this is the US 600 & not the US 800. The 800 is no discontinued. The 1800 is having the same problem.

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    Message from Tascam





    The US-800 is a class compliant device and the US-600 is not, that is why you are facing that issue. I apologize for any inconvenience.


    Thank you for your interest in Teac/Tascam products. If you need further assistance feel free to call us at 323-727-7617 or e-mail us at



    Below is a copy of the message that you submitted:


    Support Reference Code: 2P5W6RHS

    Support Request Type: Operational Support

    Product: US-600

    Your Question:

    I have bought the US 600(as the 800 has now been discontinued), work with DAW app on my IPAD 2, but it says USB device cannot be recognised. Why does the US800 Work according to this link . Now according some forums it doesn't work on the US18000 either,

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    And there you have it. Tascam dropped that makett and decided to stick with the main computer platforms. This was probably due to lack of interest in recording that way. Thanks for sending me the link. I contacted harmonic dog and they said the us800 does work so maybe you can find one of those used or still kicking around. Good luck and don't let that steer your creativity away. Sounds to me like you want to record a band live and have the ability to have mix control of each of the live performers. Ther are some pretty good stand alone digital recorders that are not too expensive with 8-16 inputs at once. For now the iPad is mostly a two channel input device but as more and more people show interest than these devices will be everywhere. As a guy who sold digital audio for many years I know that the home recording devices are mostly geared to solo or duo performers and their products reflect this. Live and field recording fit into a different category with recording manufactures and generally come in at higher prices due to their pro like features. Good luck.

    Here's a cheap and fun way to record a band a d still preserve control. First you center the mics for say the drummer with baffles to isolate the other members and record that drummer in stero. Then have the band play together again and do this for every player in the band. In other words a four piece band will play the song four times live never to a monitor just live and hopefully the drummer can stay on a constant tempo. Then simply assemble the individual takes and drag them around to sync up to the other tracks and then proceed to record the drummer again this time he listens to the recorded tracks of his band and have him lay as many tracks as you need to separate the drum parts. Believe it or not most studios record the drums with lots of mics but to only aboutb 4 tracks which control the toms, cymbals, snare, kick. They might also record an overall stero ambient track to blend in some space. You can do all of this with a few mics , a mixer and a stereo digital recorder. Good luck.

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    Oh and one moe thing. Not sure if this would work but there is a midi box calle iConnect Midi and this box takes in any kind of midi and sends it to an iOS device. Since the box is iOS compliant and plugs directly into the iPad it mau be possible to plug the us600 into the iConnect Midi box and trick the iPads inputs and they may be recognized in Multitrack daw as since it's only the data transfer that can't happen when the us600 is connected directly to the iPad 2 but this isn't a problem any more since the iConnect Midi box does the conversion to compliant input device data. I will check with this company cause if this works everyone can buy these units and do this now with Daw Multitrack meaning more products sold for three company's and the users win too. I will find out. Cheers.

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    Many thanks for you're help. Will have to take the unit back to Digital Village  & hub back to Maplin. I already have a mac pro , woyh a rme 800 sound card, running licit pro. I just needed something portable to record into and then mix into logic. Should of bought the mac book pro.

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    I was listening in an thought I might suggest a different product, one that I just got and is outstanding for recording/Mic/interface/Mac/GB/IPad, etc.......the Zoom H2N or H4N. I got the H2N! Outstanding! $199.....Good Luck!

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    Yes, there are options for multitrack recording.  I purchased the Tascam iU2, excellent two channel interface with midi in/out.  If you need more tracks, use the camera connection kit with Tascam us-800.  These interfaces have their own d/a and a/d convertors, so quality is terrific.  As far as recording software, Music Studio and FL Studio are good.  Have fun recording.

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