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Hey guys,


I've been having huge problems with my iTunes and I dont know how to solve them. First of all, I have two accounts for 2 different countries, one American and one European because I lived in the US for a year. I recently signed in to my American account because I wanted to see what was new in the American iTunes Store. But now I just can't sign back into my European account OR switch back to the European store! Whenever I click "Sign Out" from my American Account, iTunes freezes; same when I try to switch to another iTunes Store. Whenever I open the iTunes after that, its just frozen from the beginning and I cant do ANYTHING. Also on my iPhone the store is just blank; or it says "your request could not be completed". I dont know what to do anymore, anyone having any ideas what i could do?? I always used to switch between stores, and now all of a sudden it doesn't work anymore. Did iTunes disable that option?! Cuz as long as Im in my american account I can do whatever I want in the Store and iTunes doesnt freeze; that only happens as soon as I try to switch. I hope someone can help me, otherwise I might just have to delete iTunes and all that comes with it from my PC.


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    Same problem over here! Whenever I try to switch accounts or simply sign out, iTunes freezes and doesn't respond at all! It's driving me crazy, we have more iPhones in this household and we can't even switch accounts.... so frustrating. I've tried to remove and install iTunes several times, but it doesn't work, it just freezes and doesn't respond whenever you try to signt out/ switch accounts. I really don't know what to do now, I've been frustrated because of this for the last couple of days, someone please help!

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    Nooo way don't say that, I just removed iTunes and everything that comes with it... I hope it wasn't all for nothing ! I'll let you know.  It's been driving me crazy for days as well!!! I can't synchronize my iPhone cuz it keeps freezing...

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    Well, you can try to install it again and see if it works for you, for me it isn't... I also saw a topic on this site about iTunes not responding when connecting an iPhone: https://support.apple.com/kb/TS3219?viewlocale=en_US

    I tried this, creating a new user account and bla bla bla, but the problem doesn't occur when I'm on a new user account; I can switch accounts and sign out and stuff, but when I go to my old user account it just doesn't respond -.-". Maybe you can try it, see if it works for you, keep me posted pls

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    Okay, it worked for me... I just followed the steps on this page: http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1925

    I deleted EVERYTHING that had to do with Apple... took me forever! Then I reinstalled iTunes; at first I was in the American store again, but when I tried to switch it worked all of a sudden! The iTunes Store on my iPhone works again too. So relieved. I don't know what was wrong. You've tried to delete everything like it says on this website? It takes forever (at least it did for me), but maybe you should try that. Good luck!!

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    Yeaaaaaayy it works! Thank you so  much, I was holding my breathe when I signed out of my account but it works! Xx