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So Time Warner came out and installed a Motorola SBG6580 in my home (Docsis 3.0) to allow me to receive their Wideband Internet offering (50 down / 5 up) but i'm having huge problem with how it fits into my network. 


I have an Airport Extreme and 2 Airport Expresses.  Now the main problem is the Motorola Cable Modem is both a modem and a router.  I want it to just act as a modem. 


I called  TWC and they told me to disable NAPT mode, which puts it into a state where it just acts as a modem.  Great, that sounds good.


I went ahead and did that but when I rebooted the whole network it only allowed 1 computer to connect.  None of my iPads or iPhones or Xbox could access the network anymore.  (My Airport is on Firmware 7.6).


Why is only 1 computer able to access the new network?  What am I missing? 

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