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I can't get homesharing to work. I type in my username and PW in iTune, I authorized my computer, but then Apple TV2 keeps telling me I need to turn on Homesharing on my computer? What's the deal?

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    • Are the two devices on the same network
    • What type of security are you using for your wifi network
    • Have you ensured your firewall allows acces for iTunes
    • Do you have any security software installed.
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    I'm having similar issues. My ATV2 is connected directly to my router, so it isn't a Wi-Fi issue. Home Sharing keeps dropping. Even when I get it to connect, new shows I have just purchased do not show up. This is very frustrating. I think the lesson here is that Apple is becoming like Microsoft, and you should wait to perform upgrades so that all of the bugs can get worked out first.

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    After much groaning I think I have finally figured this out. My Apple TV worked fine for more than a year, then after an update it kept losing home sharing. I finaly noticed that this coincided with my computer display going to sleep. So after some investigation I changed my energy saver settings to NOT put the hard disk to sleep whenever possible. That seems to have taken care of it. I don't know why Apple couldn't figure this out.

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    We are having the same problem.  We use to click on computer then netflicks or itunes and everything worked fine.  Now with the new screen if we click on computer the screen pops up saying turn on home sharing.  It is turned on the pc and apple settings plus test show it set up and working.  How do we get to our itunes and photos without having to purchase icloud or is this a new way for apple to make money

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    I am having the same problem.  After the latest Apple TV update, I can no longer view my own photos on the TV.  The message says to turn on HomeSharing on my computer, and to make sure iTunes is open.  HomeSharing IS on, and iTunes IS open.  I changed nothing, but it no longer works. 


    How to fix this?

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    Having the same problem and yes I have tried all the troublesooting for it and it still doesnt pick up my computer for homesharing , apple should have come up with a solution and realized there would be updates to itunes and made sure it would not be a problem