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Help! My playlists disappear when connected to iCloud. This just started about 2 days ago.


First the basics:


On the Mac:

  • iTunes 10.5.1 (42)
  • "Your software is up to date" according to Software Update
  • iCloud is ON
  • Music and playlists are still on the Mac


On the Phone:

  • iPhone 4GS 64 GB
  • iOS 5.0.1
  • "Your software is up to date" according to General > Software Update on the iPhone
  • Settings > Music > iTunes Match is ON
  • Settings > Music > Show All Music is ON
  • Settings > iCloud > Account is Logged IN


Playlists DO show up when connected VIA USB and in Music > More > Shared (only comes up when connected via USB) -- The playlists will sync to the phone when Shared > My Library is checked.


I haven't lost any music but this makes it impossible to use my iPhone for playing playlists in the car since once the device is disconnected from USB it is disconnected from Home Sharing and the playlists disappear.


I've tried deleting and readding the content to a playlist and that does not help. I have tried to create new playlists and they will not show up on the iPhone. I have synced the phone without the USB cable (over WiFi) and that copied some art files over but there was no change in the playlist.


Anyone have anything similar happen? Any other ideas? I tried a search and nothing relevant came up.


Thanks for any help!

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1, 64 GB, iCloud backed up