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David Duff Level 1 (15 points)

my appletv won't accept my netflix login.  it tells my my user or password are wrong, when i know that they are not. 


the same appletv device was used for about a year, then sat in a box for a while and is now connected at a new location (new house, new ISP).   i enter user/password that work on other devices including a TiVo and a Samsung blu-ray player.   the same creditials worked fine on this same appleTV box previously.   i've entered it multiple times.  i've entered it using the original remote.   i've entered it using text entry via the iphone remote app.    neither works.


when i plugged it in yesterday the box went thru a software upgrade - not surprising, considering it had been dormant for a while. 


i even tried changing my netflix password just to force it to be different, then entering the new netflix pw into the appletv box - still no joy. 


to make sure it wasn't some kind a network config problem, i tried accessing youTube and it worked fine.


this is kind of  ironic, since for a while now, i've been telling family and friends they should use the appletv netflix interface, since it is the smoothest and easiest to use...


anyone have ideas of things to try?

Mac OS X (10.6.7)
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