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I have an icloud backup of my ipad. I just now deleted a Pages document (pretty sure I had selected the right file, but iOS disagreed with me and so i lost an important document).


Reset the ipad and restored from icloud backup. Every time i open Pages, however, the deleted file momentarily appears (one quarter of a second) then vanishes. I assume that Pages is syncing automatically with icloud (live, not backup).


I have tried this several times, all to the same effect. I tried switching off the internet after the restore and before opening Pages, again to no avail - the file still vanishes.


So, if anyone knows how i can restore without (i assume) doing the immediate sync that deletes the restored files, i should be very very grateful. Thank you.

iPad, iOS 5.0.1
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    I would be very keen to know if you ever solved your problem?


    I am having the exact same problem.  Deleted file in iPhone/Keynote.  It got deleted from iCloud and iPad.


    Tried restoring from the iPad backup.


    But to no avail.  The document cannot be restored from the backup.



    I find this extremley frustrating since we are not expected to rely upon TimeMachine for iOS therefore the iPad backup should recover these files.

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    Suresh, No, I did not manage to resolve this problem.  I eventually realised what the file was and concluded that I could live without it, so  gave up.  Apologies that I cannot be of more use.