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How do you sync iPad to apple tv

iPad, iOS 5.0.1
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    If you mean have the display be mirrored to the Apple TV, displaying what you see on the iPad onto the TV, you'd need an iPad 2. Visit the link below to learn more.




    If you mean sync as in put the media you have on your iPad onto your Apple TV, you will have to go to the 'Internet' section of the Apple TV, and scroll down to Photo Stream to view your photos. To stream your music from the cloud, you will need to pay a subscription to iTunes Match, which is $24.99 a year, allowing you to stream all of your music on all of your iDevices while upgrading your ripped CDs and music acquired from other sources to iTunes quality music. Or you can leave your computer on and ultilize the 'Home Sharing' feature under the 'Computers' section in Apple TV.


    If you have anymore questions, respond back.



  • deborah3 Level 1 Level 1

    I have the iPad 2 and have updated to ios5 however I don't see an airplay icon.  Will I only see this when both devices are on?  I am assuming that the apple tv only will show the aps when both devices are on-computer and iTunes with home share and iPad with AirPlay? Is that correct

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    Do you have the Apple TV 2?

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    Yes I have apple 2. The small square black box.

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    i believe your best shot is to press and hold the "home" button, this will bring up open apps, swipe this screen to the left, which should reveal the ipad music player page, there you will see "airplay" which is a square box with an arrow, push this button and airplay should be activiated.

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    Also, make sure home share is turned on in both iPad and Apple TV, and the Apple TV needs to be on the same wireless network as the iPad, not connected with the ethernet cable.

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    I have the original iPad. I was able to stream video (from BBC iPlayer) on my TV through Apple TV. It was great.


    I went away. Now i'm back. Setup exactly th same but now I can no longer view on my TV.

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    I am only able to get the audio with AirPlay. How do I get video too?