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You can't see your data; you have no idea where it is, where it is stored, except perhaps somewhere in Cupertino.


You can't manage your data like you would any other server.  You can't delete it, you can't wipe the "iDisk", i.e., iCloud.


You can't stop the iCloud monster, once you have turned it on, from collecting your information from your local drive as you select items for storage.


You can't delete the account.  Once the iCloud monster has your stuff, you can't turn it off, wipe it, delete it, make it go away.  There is no option for this that I can find.


It's free.   Sure it is.  You bet it is.  The iCloud monster will gladly take all the information you are willing to give it, and keep it.  Speculate as to why.


Even if you are ok with all of the above, you can't make it work correctly, as advertised. 


I loathe having a conspiratorial view on anything, I really do, and I am not one to rant in these forums.   I treasured the little iDisk server, managed from the Finder application, or any number of other webdav clients. 


But the more I try to live with this, "iCloud", the more I want to call it, "iFind, iCollect, iKeep" as I see fit and maybe 'iWork' with you, or not. 


No telling what else, "iUpto".