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My Itunes library shows up on Apple TV, but it says there are no playlists...how do I get the playlists to show on Apple TV?

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    Go to "Settings"->"Audio and Video". Scroll down to "Show Playlists". You can switch between "Music" and "All" so select "All". That should do it.

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    I am having the same issue.  Actually neither Album Artwork nor Playlists are showing up on my Apple TV.  They are both there on my iPhone.  I've tried toggling the "Music" and "All" as recommmended by ellislcn above.  I've also tried turning iTunes Match OFF, restarting, and then toggling it back ON again.


    Very frustrating.  These are basic functions of the device.

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    Playlists are available under Computers>Music>Playlists on the new AppleTV's.

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    Hi there,

    Following on this discussion I can access my itunes playlists when my computer is on and access it via my Computer. I however would like to be able to use my playlists when my computer is not on. Is this not an option available? Surely it can be synced via the icloud?

    Thanks again for you help

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    Home-sharing requires the computer to be on. If you want your library in the cloud you need to use iTunes Match.


    It will then be accessible via the Music icon.

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    Thanks so much this is very useful. So I basically need to pay an annual fee (GBP 21.99) to be able to sync my playlists. Frustrating. Ok thanks again.

    One last question I have made some slide shows - highest resolution- and would like to burn them a DVD to give to family members. Despite the DVD sizes being very large it doesn't seem to work. Any suggestions? Thanks again. MUCH appreciated. We don't have Apple Stores in Singapore and I miss not being able to go into the shop to ask questions

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    No problem.


    Are you using a Mac or PC? On Mac the easiest is through iDVD. You can either create Slideshows in there or using another program (ie iPhoto) and then import


    If you are using another program make sure it is DVD authoring software and not simply making data discs

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    I am using a macbook air so I created my slideshows on my iphoto. Ideally I would like to save the slideshow on highest resolution possible straight onto the DVD.

    When I select my slideshow I can see iDVD at the top but sadly in grey not black.So far I have been trying to export, select the definition and then select the DVD but without success.

    If you could please tell me how to use iDVD that sounds like it would work. THANK YOU SO MUCH

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    Do you have iDVD installed on your computer?