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I recently created a partition in my macbook pro (early 2011 15") in order to install windows7. BootCamp Doesn't allow me to install windows on the new partition and when i try to delete the Windows made Partition and integrate it on my Mac Partition it shows the following error:

"Partition Failed

Partition failed with the error:

Couldn’t modify partition map because file system

verification failed."


Can Someone help? It's really urgent since i must install widows 7 because i need them for my university courses. I tried scan/repair disk from disk utilites. I tried pressing cmd+C while booting and also tried to repair the disk from there but had no result.

The only way which i can think right now is to BackUp my files (around 80Gb) and reinstall lion and afterwards trying to install  windows via bootcamp without creating the partition first(Because when i try to install widnows via bootcamp it says that i must reformat my Disk to Macintosh Journaled)



MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2), Early 2011