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I have a message on my iPad -->  "This iPad hasn't been backed up in 2 weeks.  Backups happen when this iPad is plugged in, locked and connected to WiFi"..Then OK button.


The OK button does not respond.  The iPad has a full charge, is connected to WiFi and is locked.  I can't clear the iCloud message.  I have attempted to turn off the iPad but as you know, you press the button and then slide the 'slide to lock' bar.  I can see it behind the iCloud message box but it does not respond.  I have it plugged in and 'meeting all of the requirements' on the pop-up but no luck.  I also attempted to connect it to my PC, back it up and wipe it to factory but iTunes is not recognizing the iPad.  The PC is showing it connected as a new external drive.  I've searced online for an answer and now I am here.  Short of taking it to the Apple Store, is there anything you can suggest?  It is an iPad 2 - 64GB, WiFi & 3G.



iPad 2, iOS 5.0.1, Just 6 months old