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My wife and I have been having constant issues with delivery of text using iMessage.  We have all the updated software and have rebooted our phones constantly.  The text shows delivered but does not actually arrive.  Has anyone else had these issues?  We have turned it off for now as it is just not reliable.

iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.1
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    I am also having issues sending iMessage top my wife and friends.  The sent messages on my iPhone say "Delivered" but the other person never received them.  This has made for unfortunate misunderstandings!  I literally have to phone up the other person and ask which messages they received.  And yes, I have made sure my iMessage rolls over to SMS if not delivered yada yada yada.


    For me, iMessage is unreliable and unpredictable when it will work.  Which makes it useless.  Since I have unlimited SMS texting with AT&T anyway, I have turned off iMessage on both my and my wifes iPhones.

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    It has definitely caused misunderstanding that is why we just turned it off.  I wish Apple would fix this.

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    I have been having the same problem with what I believe to be iMessaging. It seems very random - some imessages I get and others not.  I missed a few important messages yesterday and think they were all from other iPhones using iMessaging. I agree Apple needs to, at the very least, acknowledge the problem and create a fix for it.  In the interim, I am also turning off my iMessaging capabilities.